Whart is Substance Abuse and How to Cure It

by Gautam Bhatia Best Rehabilitation Centre In Delhi

What is Alcohol Substance Abuse

Are you taking drugs which are not legal?

Are You Using Alcohol, Prescribed medicines or legal substance?

If yes, then you must take a treatment for this because you are addicted to substance abuse. Yes, you heard right, this is substance abuse and lots of people even minors are also victim of it. Substance abuse is different from addiction. You can understand it in this way; Many people having substance abuse problem are able to stop taking such intoxicants but on the other hand addiction is a disease and people who are addicted can’t quit easily even after they know about the harmful consequences of addiction.

Why People Like Substance Abuse or Why They Love to Take Abused Drugs?

Now the question is why people love taking such legal and illegal drugs whereas they knew the harmful effect of such intoxicants over health (Physical or Mental)?

Actually usage of such drugs or alcohol helps avoiding problems in your life. Drugs / alcohols are nothing but chemicals that has an ability to change your body and mind work. These abused drugs give pleasure and helps to keep your mind free from stress. Today every third person is using drug to avoid problems and keep stress away because the life becomes so stressful. Ii hope you all understand what I am saying. We are running in a race not enjoying our lives that’s why people chose substance abuse as a pleasure for their lives.

The competition today is very high and we start competing from childhood to win the competition. Parents always wants their child to be successful which is not wrong but some parents give stress to their kids for fulfilling their dreams which is not correct. You have to give a suggestion, guidance to your kids but stop forcing them. This is just a beginning of stress. Many times you must have heard that a child hanged or committed suicide it’s nothing but a result of stress. When they can’t handle so much stress then they choose the easiest way to relax that is suicide. Not only kids, people who can’t handle the up and downs of their lives want to be relax either by suicide or using drugs. When we start earning livelihood and we have a family then also we take stress to earn more and more with a view to provide all facilities to our families. This is really good because everyone wants luxury lives and good education for their kids and all facilities but we don’t need to chase all of them. You need to spend time with your family because nothing is better than family talk to keep stress away. Remember one thing, 99% of substance abuse cases are only due to loneliness because they don’t have anyone with whom they could share the problems and make mind stress-free and that is why they take help of drugs. 

If you are also taking drugs but want to quit then the best to do this is family talk. Just talk with your parents, your life partner, your kids and share problems with them you’ll really feel very light and stress-free. 

I want to give a suggestion to all that if you feel anyone in your family is suffering from pain due to any reason then please try to talk them and make them relax. Most of the cases of substance abuse are due to loneliness because they don’t have anyone to share their problems and make their mind stress-free. Drugs affects human body in many ways. It can harm physical and mental health so keep distance from such intoxicants to keep you body and mind healthy.

What to do if anyone at your home is using lots of drugs or chemicals?

As I told above that stress is the main cause of substance abuse so you need to just talk with the person who are taking drugs and try to make them relax by hearing their problem. Build trust on them and make feel them that they are not alone and at every stage of life you are with them. A hope, love and care are the best medication for substance abuse. Give your advice to your kids but don’t force them for anything or in other ways we can say that keep them away from stress. Family members can play vital role in rehabilitation or detoxification from alcohol or substance abuse.

Here in this article you’ll get know about the cause, effect and treatment for substance abuse. Substance abuse is the serious issue and we should take a step against it to keep our loved ones safe from the negative effects of legal and illegal drugs.

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