Weight loss management Program

by Mary Smith Weight loss Clinic

Weight Loss Management Program 

When your goal is to reduce weight for 10 pounds or more than 50 pounds, the procedure and your stickiness to it determines how much weight you have reduced and how fast you have achieved your goal.

Following an easy healthy diet combined with physical activity on a regular basis can lead to weight-loss without any specific diet plans.

Presciption’s Weight-loss Clinic introduces an effective Weight-Lose Management Program which includes Weight loss by measuring Calories and Weight after a regular interval                 


Weight Loss Management:

The weight of our body is determined by the energy we intake as our meal and the energy we spend during the activities performed throughout the day.

The body weight transforms according to the Energy consumption and expenditure. But If the body weight remains constant, this simply means that the consumption of energy (Calories) is equal to the same amount of the calories that we burn regularly. If the bodyweight is slowly gaining over time, it means that the calorie intake (energy consumption) is higher than the calories burnt through regular activities.

Every adult is under control for how much calories he or she consumes every day, So, we can control our consumption of energy.

    On a major case, we can control our expenditure of energy, or the calories we burn by doing necessary functions.

The daily expenditure of our calories is determined by the following activities:

  • BMR- Calories we need to carry out necessary functions and the Calories we burn per hour by living.

  •  Physical Activity

With an exception, Some People have genetic issues which are inherited in them since their birth.

Calories we burn while taking rest or sleep totally depends upon the body-weight.

Approach for Weight- loss:

Reduction of the calories we intake while increment of the calories burnt by doing the physical activities.

To achieve this, either there is less consumption of food or increment in physical actions, or by opting both of these.

Things to be avoided:

As per The weight-loss program, the better food-choice also avoids some unhealthy things, few of them are:

  •  Processed or chemical added Foods

  •  Food with high sugar

  • White bread and pasta (instead of it, whole-grain variety can be a substitute)

  • Fast Foods or high calories Fat food

  • Alcohol

How much time does it take to lose the weight?

The optimum weight-loss rate is of 01 to 1½ pounds each week.

Short-term techniques for weight –loss is unhealthy and intermittent with the passes of time. Skipping food or starvation may lose the weight within a shortened span of time but such rapid weight loss can be harmful and very rare to be maintained.

A due change of diet along with the regular exercise is an efficient way to reduce weight over a long period of time.

Prescription’s Weight Loss Clinic provides Physician assisted weight loss program. This Program has changed several lives by reducing their weight for a healthy life.

If you are looking to lose your weight in an easy & safe way, Contact us for the positive results every day.



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