Ways To Support Your Child’s Creativity

by Lavida School Lavida Montessori Preschool

It’s true that child and creativity go hand in hand. It is being believed that children are not only natural innovators but also his imaginative skills, which if nurtured properly, makes them gain confidence, cope up with pain, develop social skills and learn efficiently.

 Lavida School, best preschool in sector 75 Greater Faridabad helps children to nurture their creativity so that they can grow up to become a successful adult. Also, in the first place, we help children to spark their imagination and use ways to support their creativity. Let’s have a look at the ways we support a child’s creativity and that could be practised at home for nurturing:

 Lead By Example

 It’s been observed that children learn more quickly by seeing people around. Be it their parents, grandparents, teachers in the school or anybody. So let your child see you being creative. Try doing something new with him like be it something related to crafts or handling a new process.

 Let him learn by seeing you through new ideas and projects, failing at times but enjoying the process. Also, if he is willing too then involve him for the activity and spend some quality time bonding with him.

 Open-Ended Toys

 Open-ended toys include LEGO, blocks, doll house, play dough, matchbox cars, stuffed animals, magnetic tiles and dress-up clothes. These toys can be used in a variety of ways depending on the child’s mood. Also, open-ended toys help in building the imagination of your child plus a great start to let your child think out of the box.

 A Space For Their Creativity

 In Lavida Montessori pre-school we have created a space for the child which give them a sense of power over their space. Being the best prenursery school in Faridabad, we think it is necessary to give control over their own space to them. This not only embraces their creativity but also boost up their confidence.

 Also, if as a parent you could designate one corner of your home to them it would make their imagination run wild. A creative space doesn’t have to be large or filled with elaborated toys. It can be simply a corner in their family room with their favourite toys and creative pops. Like for arts and crafts supplies think of old boxes, scrap paper, empty paps towels, scissors, markers etc. Let your child feel free to what they please with their creatives and supplies.

 Free Time To Get Creative

 We created an unstructured indoor play to nurture a child’s creativity. That’s why we stand out and is the best pre-school in sector 75, Greater Faridabad. Also, we recommend parents that child should spend a few hours at home without any planned activities. They can read, play, draw or even help you cook. Let them do whatever they want. And when it’s nice weather outside, they can go and play outdoors.

 Expose Them To Creative Outlets

 There are ways in which you can expose your kid to think creatively like by reading the book, encouraging them to write, make them listen to music and create music, have dance parties, teaching them to take photographs and videos either by phone or tablet or watching some kid’s fun movie together.

 Help Them Activate Their Senses

 Children would be creative when allowed to play on their own without being asked to do something. So avoid managing them too much and let them do their own thing. It’s okay to keep a watchful eye on your child but don’t direct them. Rather, help them activate their senses. Like you can ask them too guess the smell or guess the music they just listened.

 Brainstorm Your Child

 You can have brainstorming sessions with your child that would help them to build on ideas. Ask them to share with you. By doing so, you can make your child understand that it’s okay to share the idea.

 Ask Questions

 Show interest in your child’s creation. Ask them what they thought while creating it. These questions encourage them to articulate their creative process.

 Children being natural thinkers, just need some encouragement to not give up. So, La Vida Montessori pre-school is the best place for your child's future. We focus on the child’s developmental areas like personal, social, emotional, language and communication. We make sure that your child learns and nurture himself through play.

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