Ways to Prevent Your Perfume from Getting Damaged

by Dhanu Singh Digital Marketing Consultant

Perfumes are one of the most expensive daily use products. You often spend a lot of your savings and pocket money in order to buy that favorite bottle of fragrance. Don’t you always wish to keep it safe and secured? Well, isn’t it essential to be cautious when it comes to expensive perfumes?

Girls love wearing perfumes and you must have noticed that fragrances are in rage when it comes to girl’s fashion. When you Buy Girls Perfumes Online In India, you will mark that even they are not economical by any means. They are equally expensive and even these perfumes demand care. So, here you will learn about the ways to prevent perfume damage.

·      You are advised to always keep the cap of the perfume bottle tight and secure. Keeping the perfume exposed to open air can lead to its essence getting lost. There are perfumes that react with the bacteria in the open air and they tend to get spoilt. You should quickly spray a few spritzes and put the cap back on the nozzle of the bottle.

·         Have you heard of perfume applicators? Well, these are little wands that are dipped in the perfume bottle and rubbed on the body to give that special effect. They can be disposable or reusable ones. Applicators are usually not recommended by perfume experts but still if you wish to use them make sure to try the disposable ones.

Note: Reusable applicators introduce bacteria and the perfume is sure to get damaged. It also carries impurities when reused.

·      Do you have a habit of shaking the perfume bottle vigorously before spraying it? There are people who believe in doing so. When you shake a bottle of fragrance, the perfume inside gets exposed to excess air. It is extremely harmful to the fragrance oils and it reduces the life of the perfume.

Note: You may occasionally shake the perfume bottle only if it is mentioned in the instructions part.

·    Tall dressers add to the décor of your room but they are dangerous for Girls Perfumes. Picking up expensive perfume bottles from the top most shelf of your dresser and keeping them back is something that girls should avoid. Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere and you will absolutely regret losing an expensive fragrance bottle in front of your eyes. Once fallen from a height, all that will remain are shattered pieces of glass.

Note: Keep your most valuable and expensive perfume on the lower most shelf in order to reduce the chances of damage.

Keep your perfumes safe and enjoy the sweet smell for years. Fragrances are made to elevate your mood and not to break hearts!

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