Ways to Label Your Moving Boxes Like A Pro

by Ram Sewak Transportation
Everybody had their own opinion and perspective of different things in life but if you ask some of the random people to name the one most disorganized process of like then at least a few will name relocation for sure. There is always stress and chaos while moving but you have to deal with it while preparing to move out of your current and shift to the new one. 

If you are planning to move then this blog is definitely going to help you out. One of the most important things to move structurally is to label your cardboard boxes smartly. It is one of the most time taking, hardest and laborious work in the process of moving. 

If you think that packing is the most time consuming task then you are in a misconception. Labeling is even more important and energy draining. If you hire packers and movers  then it is not an issue at all but if you are doing it yourself these strategies are definitely going to help you out. 

Perfect labeling is the only way to crown your packing marathon with the success it deserves. So here is the guide to label your moving boxes like a pro!

1. Arrange for your labeling tools


First things first, you need to get a pair of qualitative markers to mark your moving boxes. Avoid the temptation to purchase cheap items because you have to arrange your items according the label after the move and if the names get removed the it will be a problem for you. Also, these stationery items can also be used after the move. 

You can also go for colour coordinated labeling and purchase a set of markers with five different colors. 

Your markers should be permanent and water proof as you don’t know that what the weather will be like on the moving day. It is always better to be prepared for the worst. 

2. Colored tape
The best way to label boxes while moving is to go with the color coding system. It is a simple and an effective procedure to choose one color for one room and stick with it till end. It makes you easier to recognize the box as well. 

For instance, if you choose green color for BEDROOM so that you take out your green marker and mark all the boxes of your bedroom with green marker and write down BEDROOM on them. if you want then you can also specify the contents you have kept in each container.

Also you can use the tape of the corresponding color so that you are able to identify the box of the particular room when a hoard of boxes reach your new place. This way you can label all the boxes of different rooms in your house. 

It is important to remain cautious as it can be quite tricky to do things with the color coding system. The thing is that you know what each color means. Your movers might have difficulty delivering the right boxes into the right rooms unless they also know what each individual color means. So, place colored piece of papers on the doors of your new home that match the already color coded cardboard boxes.

3. Trust the movers that have the maximum year of experience

You can go for another way for labeling your boxes is to label them by numbers instead of maintaining the color codes. If you mark the boxes by numbers then there is no need to mark and write down the contents each box is carrying. It will save you plenty of time.

The main advantage you get when you mark your moving boxes by numbers is that you designate a unique number to each cardboard box and it easy to be identified as well. But it is important to create a master inventory list of each box in detail. For instance if box 1 contains clothing and accessories then you mark them in your inventory against number 1. 

4. How you label your moving boxes matters the most

There are no hard and fast rules for labeling your moving boxes. But a few techniques can help you to complete the procedure in a better and quick way. 

You can choose the method of labeling according to your personal preferences but make sure you label the top and two sides of each packing box. Make sure that your writing is clear enough to and visible even when the boxes are stacked over each other. 

The best way to stick the labels to the box is to use the packing tape so that they don’t fall while loading, transporting and unloading. You can also use good quality of glue to make sure that the colored and non colored labels sticks to the boxes throughout the move. 

Take special care of breakable and fragile items, mark “FRAGILE” OR “HANDLE WITH CARE” with big and bold letters so the one who carries it, handles carefully.

5. Secrets of labeling your moving cartons

There are many important things to know to make your household move successful but one of the best is to label moving boxes. There are 3 bonus secrets for labeling your boxes .

When you are labeling the boxes, time plays a very important role for boosting the overall efficiency. You should always mark downs the contents of the container, the destined room and special handling instructions right after you pack the cardboard box. If you postpone it then you will forget what all you have kept in the container so it is always a good idea to keep up the work of labeling simultaneously.

If you are using old cartons then it must be having marks of previous labeling then it would be better if you tape your labels directly over the old once. This way the old marks will also hide and you won’t have to face any confusion.

You can follow this labeling guide even when you have hired movers and packers

Have a smooth and safe move!

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