Ways to Ensure the Purity of Milk

by DesiMoo A2 Milk Dairy Farm
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With the changing lifestyle, a shift in the food habits of people was seen in the last few decades, especially in big cities. People had substituted the consumption of milk from cow and buffalo farms to the packet milk. But the adverse effect of the changing food habits on people’s health has prompted many people to start re-considering switching back to the organic milk procured from desi cows. In the light of the several tests where the industrial milk was found to be laden with harmful antibodies, and stress hormones, the chemical-free and natural desi cow milk is being considered as a healthier option.
Cow milk is of two kinds- A1 and A2 depending upon the kind of protein present in the milk. While both the kinds of milk are considered to be healthy, A2 milk from desi cows (like Gir) have been proven to possess better health qualities than that of A1. However, the quality of even the A2 cow milk can be affected due to the malpractice of adulteration.
The practice of adulteration denounces the purity and quality of the milk and can even make it harmful to the health. There are a number of adulterants that are mixed in the milk to increase the quantity at the cost of its quality. These include extremely hazardous chemicals and products like soap, table sugar and even acids. The damage caused by these adulterants to the human system can only be imagined. Water is the most common of the adulterants, which is usually mixed with the milk. In fact, it can even be said that almost all of us have consumed milk mixed with water in our lives.

Fortunately, there are ways through which it can be ascertained whether or not the milk is adulterated. The best part about these methods is that you can easily use them at home to be sure about the quality of the milk bought by you. Some of these methods have been listed below:

  • The easiest method is to put a drop of the milk on a declining smooth surface. When the milk slips downwards, the pure milk will leave a trail or a residue behind. However, the adulterated milk will simply slip away without leaving any trace behind.
  •  Make khoya out of the milk by boiling it on slow heat for about 3 hours. Once the milk becomes hard, check the residue. If the residue is rough, then the milk is adulterated. Oily residue means pure milk. 
  •  If the milk becomes yellowish after being heated, it means that it is mixed with chemicals or soap. It will also feel soapy on being rubbed and will taste really bad. So, be careful of this harmful category of adulterated milk. 
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