Ways to Correctly Choose Loose Diamonds in New York

by Steve Son Marketing Representative

Although purchasing loose diamonds may seem complicated and intimidating, but with the right information it can actually be a really easy and exciting experience. While purchasing loose diamonds in New York, one of the most important things to keep in mind is the 4Cs, which are cut, carat, color and clarity. These are the main factors that determine a diamond’s quality and cost.


Here’s some valuable information for you to choose loose diamonds wisely:


Focus on the Cut- The shine and shape of a diamond is determined by its cut. For instance, a well-cut diamond reflects light beautifully and gives out a brilliant sparkle, whereas a diamond that is cut too deep or shallow does not reflect light as well and is considered low quality. It is advisable that you choose the highest quality of cut in your diamonds that are in your budget. Experts recommend that you go for a "Very Good" if not "Excellent" grade diamond, which will still be a high-quality stone but relatively less expensive.


Shape is an important aspect of buying diamonds with some of the most common shapes being round, princess and cushion-cut.


The Clarity and Color- Most diamonds have some flaws as they are formed deep inside the Earth’s crust. Most diamonds have imperfections that cannot be seen with the naked eye while some do not have any imperfections at all. A diamond with no imperfections is known as “flawless” which is very rare. Even if you find one, it’s very expensive. Any day, it’s a good idea to purchase a diamond with a lower clarity than flawless as it will still look clean and perfect without magnification and you will save money that you can then invest on the cut or carat of the loose diamonds you're buying.


When it comes to diamonds, completely colourless stones are rare and expensive. Remember while choosing the colour of your loose diamond- the cut, shape and colour of the metal used in your ring's setting will affect the color of your stone. So, choose a slightly tinted diamond that will not make a big difference and look just as beautiful in a ring instead of getting a colorless stone.


Carat- Last, but not the least comes the Carat which is used for measuring a diamond’s weight and size. The most expensive a diamond will be, the more carats a diamond has. Weight of diamond does not affect the quality of the stone. You need to find the right balance between the carat weight and cut of the loose diamond that you choose. Although size does matter but bigger is not always better. Selecting a diamond size depends on the ring style you want, balance between all the 4Cs and your budget. It is important to look if everything makes sense in the bigger picture while you're buying loose diamonds.


The bottom line is buying loose diamonds will be a breeze if you can find a way to balance all the 4Cs. 

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