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Water is essential for human, now days when Natural resources getting polluted its hard to get clean & pure water, If we normally go out first things comes to our mind while drinking water, “Is it safe?”, even though water available in packed bottle because the bacteria, dust, growing population, industrial development are impacting our environment and natural resources.

There are varity of products (RO water purifier and filter) available in the market which claims, they have best purification techniques to deliver good quality of drinking water, but in the process of removing the impurities in water, some of the purification techniques removes some essential minerals which are required by the body. Some of the purifiers come with a TDS controller to retain these natural minerals in the water.

So many RO products with a big brands available in the market, but one should have knowledge or understanding of the product as per their need and requirement before bring it to the home and Industries water filter. Buying a expensive product based on market advertisement will may result regular service and maintenance. Leeyo’s Oxy-Water is the an company established in 2015 with a vision to serve the world with clean and safe oxygenated water without any hassles and Maintenance. Their water oxygenating system a patented method inspired by nature and is a remedy for providing high quality and soft water.

How Leeyo’s Oxy-Water works

1)      The Leeyos oxy-water uses Mother Nature’s proven methods of generating energy within the water via the process of dynamic flow of water which generates induced implosion.


2)      Implosion is part of Mother Nature’s unique life forming energetic process. It is the opposite of the explosive principle, which we all know to cause heat, destruction, death and disease.


a)      Brings back the energy and vitality in the water.

b)      It increases the amount of dissolved oxygen without any external support.

c)       Breaks the molecules into micro-cluster molecules.

d)      The Leeyos oxy-water solution provides you with high quality water full of energy and minerals. Our method is not a filter it’s a passive technique inspired by nature. None of the filter/distillation systems can offer anything like it.


Features of Leeyo’s Oxy-Water for both Residential and Industrial

·         Balances pH value of water

·         Improves immunity

·         Improves hydration of all cells and organs

·         Positive effect on urinary, lymphatic and nervous system

·         Dissolves kidney stones

·          Maintains blood pressure

·         Reduces concentration of E. coli bacteria

·         Increases dissolved oxygen level

·         Increases efficiency of water for cooking and cleaning

·         Improves the taste of water, food, and beverages

·         Prevents scaling or spots on glassware and kitchen appliances

·         Reduces white deposits in pipes and shower screen

·         Reduces maintenance time and cost for pools, hot tubs, or spas

·         Enhances softness of the water

·         Does not have a chemical odour

·         Reduces irritation in the eyes

·         prevent scale deposits on the bathroom floor and walls

·         Reduces crust rings in the toilet tanks and toilet bowls

·         Reduces the usage of detergent by increasing dissolvability

·         Reduces the discharge of chemicals into the environment


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