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Assassin 33 A.D. is a masterpiece of a well-intended movie of Christian cinema, it's a miracle no-one stepped in to stop it. Yet not one could stop thinking about it. Even Though, how many movies can there be that have the sheer audacity to send terrorists back in time to assassinate Jesus?

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The "Christian movies" Showcases are mostly pronounced at the beginning. Brandt (Donnny Boaz) and his wife (played by reality TV star Heidi Montag) are the characters in the leading role in movie they are in the process of relocating, so he can start a new job and after a while a juggernaut ploughs into their car. Montag and the couple's kids passed away, but Brandt somehow survives. After a while we actually see Brandt, channeling as much Scarlet O'Hara as he can muster, growling "I am not your guy anymore" towards the sky, but somehow you get the sense his mustering is only going to continue till the next 90 minutes. 

The Assassin 33 A.D.'s is an intermediate of genres (sci-fi and biblical epic) it means that it is uniquely able to manoeuvre out of any narratorial tight spots with recourse to either pseudo-scientific babble ("time doesn't change instantaneously, it has to rewrite itself") or theological cliches. The scientists and Brandt's Swat entire crew members jump back and forth into both the ancient and recent past resulting in several types of Jesus timelines. 

Apart from offering a novel solution to the synoptic problem, Jesus eventually reveals that such events are actually part of the plan of God. 

In several ways the Director has uneven handling of ethnicity typifies the movie's uneven contradictions. Through a theological angle Laura Robinson describes it as being "both thoroughly sincere in its obvious love for Jesus and although the most blasphemous thing ever made by any Director. Sepecialy the time in which where Simon and Jesus are discussing The Passion of the Christ and trade lines from The Terminator (1984) jar with heavy concept like terrorism, salvation and determinism. Minor players in the Gospels have their places reserved by the time travellers. Although the interesting idea crops up, somehow each and every one were fumbled. At times I found myself mulling over how a particular problem might have been solved by cutting a line here or a scene there, only to be struck once again by the sheer abundance of its problems. Still it lookWorse, it should be fixed because it would only strip the film of its various charms.

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