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You need many knife cuts on a daily basis. All those cutting techniques you might not need but some basic moves are really very important to prepare delicious dishes. If you never tried to discern between chop or dice then it is the time to learn all these things.

But one thing you need to remember that, the knife should be sharpened. You will be safer if your knife is sharper. A sharp knife lead to more precision and the cook doesn’t need to exert much energy. Whatever you are going to slice or cut through, you should cut from the tip of the knife through the bottom of the blade.

 So these are the knife cuts you need in daily basis.

 The usual cuts:


This is the most basic techniques. You just need to make sure that your hands are in proper position for slicing the food.

The technique is that, your knife hand should be gripping the blade with the thumb and forefinger and the rest of your hand hold the handle. It’s not the correct way to hold the handle with all your fingers. The other hand should be in claw position. You need to tuck all the fingers including the thumb underneath the palm to keep the fingers safe. This hand should be right up against the blade.


You need to use full length of the blade with your cutting hand and cutting in a rocking motion. Now slice through the food but not just up and down. Use the length of the blade to slice and you don’t have to exert much if the blade of the knife is sharp enough.


This technique is good for potatoes and other vegetables if we want to roast that.

To make a dice, at fist cut the ingredient in half and make a flat edge. If the vegetable is round in shape it will be safer for your finger. Then cut long rectangles and put the rectangles side by side and cut through them, It will give you the dice shape of the ingredient.

But dicing the onion is a little bit different in process. At first remove the skin of the onion but keep the root intact. Then cut it into thin strips but don’t cut the rood, keep the root end intact. In this way the pieces do not fall over the place and you can dice it easily.  


This method is good for garlic or if you want to cut any herbs finely.

It’s an easy technique. Just hold your non cutting hand on the top of the blade of the knife and chop quickly like rocking on the ingredient you want to mince.


It is mainly used for slicing fresh herb leaves into thin strips like basil, kale, chard etc.

For this you just need to stack the leaves on top of one another. Then roll them up in a cylinder shape and then slice through the cylinder for making thin strips. Just try to make sure the leaves are rolled tightly. It is easy to do a few batches instead of rolling a huge bundle of leaves.

Batonnet cut:

This is used for cutting an ingredient into thin rectangular strips or little wider rectangular shapes.

Before starting this, the item you want to cut must be squared off. When the item gets squared off, then it cuts into flat planks and then these will cut into batonnet.  

Some special cuts:

Roll cut:

It is a very good way to cut long and round vegetables.

All u just have to hold the knife in diagonal angel and keep rolling the vegetable one third or one forth turns after every slice. This makes pretty unique shapes and lots of fun to make this.


Payasanne cut:

This technique is used to make small flat squares.

If you made batonnet cut, then instead of cutting in long rectangle into square for making dice, you just shave the thin slivers to make pauasanne.

This is used for fine dining or embellishment a soup with different vegetables or like that.


So these are few cutting techniques which is needed in regular basis of cooking. You should use professional chef knife sets to get better experience of cutting and off course the knife should be sharp.  I hope these will help you to make some delicious dishes of your own. 

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