Make a Judicious Choice When You Replace Tyres

by Lucy J. SEO Analyst
You are a safety-conscious car owner. You never lose sight of the importance their proper care has to your safety. So, you do what needs to be done to keep them in shipshape.

  • You inspect them thoroughly regularly for wear and tear.
  • You check them for nails and sharp objects embedded in them after a journey. You get them promptly removed and the punctures properly sealed.
  • You check them for optimum operating air pressure. This you do regularly, particularly before embarking on a journey. You know both winter and summer hurt air pressure. Cold weather tends to reduce the air pressure causing Car tyres Redditch to underinflate. In summer, the air inside them tends to expand. This leads to overinflation. Both situations may cause a blowout.
  • You also check them for tread wear. If the tread is wearing unevenly, it may be due to improper wheel alignment and suspension. You get the problem fixed promptly.
  • You inspect their sidewalls for thinning or weak spots and other signs of wear and tear.
  • You also check their beads, if they fit well in their slots on the rims.
  • You may be using winter tyres in winter and summer tyres in summer. You change them according to season and store them properly.  

If they are past mileage warranty and warranty period, say two years, they need extra care. The above checklist may be helpful to keep them fit and roadworthy. Apart from the above checklist, there are certain warning signs.

  • See if their tread has worn out to the recommended level of depth.
  • See if they have holes bigger than 6 mm. They are not worth repairing.
  • See if their sidewalls have bulges or blisters, or cracks. These are weak spots, and they won’t be able to hold.  

These troubling signs tell you they are no longer roadworthy. It’s time you found a new set of tyres. But before going for a new set of tyres, how about knowing what to look for in them?   

Look for mileage warranty in terms of both miles and years a tyre may last. For example, it may range 40,000–90,000 miles and 2–5 years. A longer warranty shows the confidence the manufacturer has in them. Tread depth of the tyre, width of the tyre, speed rating and load ratings are other important factors. You can compare some brands to make an informed choice.

Michelin Tyres May be a Good Choice.

The brand has the largest footprint in tyre manufacturing across the world. Its glorious history of 130 years is credited with developing the first removable pneumatic tyre, run-flat tyre and radial tyre at various points in time. However, such innovations haven’t stopped there. Today, Michelin tyres cater to a wide range of industries: bicycles, motorbikes, automobile industry, heavy equipment, aircraft and space shuttles.

The best thing about Michelin tyres is they are available across the UK. So you can buy Michelin tyres of your type and choice in Redditch. But before buying a tyre, you should consider the local weather conditions.

Redditch has a winter temperature ranging from 1–8 degrees Celsius, with 9–12 days of rain every month. Summer months have temperatures ranging from 10–21 degrees Celsius. It rains 8–9 days on average every month in the summer season.

Given the prevailing weather condition there, you can go for a summer tyre range this summer. However, it means you will have to go for winter tyres to negotiate a temperature that plummets many notches down to reach 1 degree Celsius.

But it is always better to seek expert advice. Just punch in some keywords on your mobile phone. Words like Michelin Tyres Redditch may take you to the right shop. Then, with an expert team at their disposal to handle all your needs, you may avail yourself of a single-window service there.

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