VPN Network - A Technology That Secures Less Protected Networks And Data

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Overview - About Virtual Private Network

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a technology. This particular technology of Virtual Private Network creates a secure, safe and encrypted network connection over a less protected and less secure public or shared network. The weaker networks, such as the Internet etc, is protected by the technology of Virtual Private Network. A Virtual Private Network provides security to network through extension of a secured private network over a less secured public or shared network.

This technology of Virtual Private Network was developed as a safe process to enable the remote and distant users of insecure network connections to access applications of corporates and similar other computing resources, safely and in a secured manner. The Virtual Private Network makes the data be transmitted through secured tunnels and channels only, to guarantee safety to the network. The users of Virtual Private Network must follow the prescribed methods of authentication, to be able to use this secured network. These methods of authentication include, passwords, tokens etc. There are other unique methods of identification, which are to be followed to gain access to Virtual Private Network by the users. A Virtual Private Network allows the users to send or receive data across any exposed or weakly secured, shared or public network so well protected, as if the user’s computing devices are directly connected to the Virtual Private Network. The Virtual Private Network provide the advantages of functionalities, security and management of the secured private network to the applications which are running across the Virtual Private Network. 

How does a Virtual Private Network work?   

The Virtual Private Network supports protocols of networks such as, IPSec, SOCKS, PPTD, and L2TP. These protocols help to authenticate the network and its channelized data. The encryption on the Virtual Private Network helps to improve the features of security. The Virtual Private Network is rarely visible on larger networks. The users need to have a server to use VPN. This server serves the purpose of a liaison between multiple computers.  

The user first uses the VPN client connection. This application connects with the VPN server. This server verifies the user’s name and the user password. Then the connection tunnel is formed. 


The Advantages of using a Virtual Private Network

Virtual Private Network technology enables the network users to send and receive encrypted data over the network. Virtual Private Network is a Private Scope of Computer Communications. This technology of Virtual Private Network offers many advantages to its users-

  • The Virtual Private Network technology offers enhanced security to the transmitted data through encryption. 

  • This technology of Virtual Private Network offers a unique opportunity to the users to be able access the data remotely, even from home or any other private place. 

  • The Virtual Private Network allows a group of users to share a data for a long period of time. 

  • The Virtual Private Network enables the user to browse the websites in absolute anonymity. The user can also access the web application without being tracked. 

  • The Virtual Private Network empowers the users to unblock blocked websites to access them. This network also enables the user to bypass internet filters very successfully. This Virtual Private Network is the user’s choice in places where censorship to internet is applied.  

  • The Virtual Private Network technology is a great help to get an IP address from another country, if so is required by the user. 

  • This Virtual Private Network technology provides better performance as the bandwidth and efficiency of any network can greatly be enhanced and improved with implementation of VPN solution. 
  • This technology of Virtual Private Network helps in greatly reducing the cost of maintenance of network. An option of having a service provider for a Virtual Private Network makes the use free from the concerns of the setup of network and its surveillance.  

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