VPN is the ultimate choice when it comes to data protection and online privacy on the internet

by Evans Walsh seo consultant

The internet is not a safe place at all because it is highly insecure for users. In the initial stages of the internet, the focus was on sending chunks of data most reliably because of the uncertainties of maintaining a stable network that used to send nodes down frequently. Therefore, the design of transmitting information and communicating on the internet focused more on circumventing the problem of frequent interruption with little thought given to securing data. Whatever applications that you are using now, from email to web and from messaging to social media these are all based on the internet protocol stated earlier. That is the reason that all apps on the internet are not secure. When you are sending information across the internet, you must keep this in mind because your data remains exposed to all vulnerabilities and security breaches.

 When you are banking on the internet orusing your credit card for some online transaction, there are high chances that criminals and crooks might stealthily access your personal information including banking and card details. It might also happen that governments may take advantage of the slack internet security and monitor movements of citizens and even engage in eavesdropping. Some other internet users might try to spy on you for some clandestine activities.

Ensure privacy on the internet with VPN

In simple words, you can hardly think about privacy on the internet. All your activities are happening under someone's eyes, and your data is vulnerable to access by anyone else. While many people would feel like sitting ducks to prying eyes on the internet, you could be the smarter one who knows how to protect your privacy and online data securely. Yes, you can enjoy complete privacy while surfing the internet and at the same time ensure that your data and communication remains private and out of everybody's reach by using a virtual private network or VPN. To know more about VPNs, keep reading this article. The VPN provided by a third party ensures that all data that you exchange on the internet remains encrypted end-to-end so that no one can neither access it nor track your online activities.

Circumvent data censorship

Nowadays, governments impose censorship on internet access at many places and some video streaming services too, restrict viewers of some areas to view content. By using a VPN, it is possible to circumvent all gagging measures and access geo-blocked content from anywhere because the VPN conceals your geographical location. Even if you are using public Wi-Fi, your data remain completely secured. 

VPN – working methodology

To understand how VPN works you must first have some knowledge about the basics of data transfer on the internet. When you are connecting to some website, you initiate the request by sending some packets of information to some public browser with the help of switches and routers of your internal networking system. From the public internet, the data travels through many servers that convert the DNS name of the website into an IP address. This information comes back to your browser, after which the information goes to the public internet through an array of computers. Finally, it reaches the infrastructure of the destination website which routes the data packets and then displays a webpage to you.

On studying the flow of data as described above, you will understand that each request you send on the internet it triggers multiple communication events across multiple points. VPN is special because it encrypts the data right from the originating point and keeps it encrypted until it reaches the recipient. Most importantly, VPN does not only protect data by encrypting it but at the same time, it conceals your IP address. The VPN software that you are using sends the data packets to the VPN server at the destination point and only after reaching the destination the data become decrypted.

Types of VPNs

·         Corporate or Enterprise VPN - It will not be wrong to say that the concept of VPN is like LAN (Local Area Network) that we are all familiar with. While LAN remains restricted within one physical location, VPN extends across several geographical locations across the world. Many businesses that have multi-location operations across different geographic locations benefit from using a VPN that resembles LAN on a larger scale. Such businesses can lease private communication lines to stay connected between the offices across various locations. But since expenses would be very high to lease private communication lines, an economical alternative with complete data security is to use a VPN that connects the LAN of one location with that of other locations.

The characteristic of such Corporate VPN is that the enterprise or corporate organization controls both the endpoints of VPN. Such end to end control ensures safe data transmission without any chances of anyone gaining unauthorized access to it.

·         Consumer VPN – This type of VPN is similar to what you find at pubs, coffee shops, hotels and restaurants that allow guests to connect to the internet as they would like to stay connected to social media networks. The communications are as protected as any other VPN service.

Consumer VPN – what it does

Consumer VPN is nothing but SaaS or Software as a Service that provides a secure tunnel of communication between your device and the data center of the VPN service provider. The communication travels via VPN server to the destination website while encrypting the data and keeping your identity concealed even from the destination website.  The VPN service provides you with an app that helps in encrypting your data and transmitting it in an encrypted form through a tunnel to reach the infrastructure of the VPN service provider. From there, the data reaches the recipient after decryption. The data encryption is so secure that even the VPN service provider cannot decrypt the data at any stage of the communication.

You can choose any VPN service that matches with your budget because it is better to avoid free VPNs except if you are trying to get a feel of things only to transit to a paid service as soon as possible. 

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