Volvo Generator Maintenance Period and Contents

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For different period, maintenance contents are also different. Here, we will guide you to learn Volvo generator engine maintenance period, which will help you prolong your machine service life.

Before Daily Start

1, check engine oil: oil level should be between the top and bottom of the oil gauge. Oil quality: VDS or CF or above.

2, check the coolant level, the level should be about 5cm under the sealing surface of the cap.

3. Check the radiator and TAD chiller chips for blocking and, if necessary, clean them up (see serial number 11 of this table)

4. Check if the air filter is blocked. If the red part of the indicator is exposed, stop, replace the air filter and press the indicator end button to restore the indicator.

Note: do not replace the air filter until the red part of the indicator is fully exposed. Old filters that have been replaced should no longer be used.

Note: if the working environment is dirty (such as coal mine), special air filter is needed (part VOLVO is not provided).

*Engine inspection is needed every eight hours while the engine is in continuous operation.

Every 50 hours

5, check battery

Electrolyte should be higher than polar plate about 10mm

Caution: wear protective glasses when handling batteries, which contain explosive gas and corrosive sulfuric acid. An open fire or Mars near the battery may cause an explosion.

6, check, eliminate leakage, oil leakage phenomenon.

Every 200 hours

7. Replacement of engine oil (the time of oil replacement is closely related to the quality of fuel and oil, as well as to working conditions)

Engine oil grade: rich engine oil VDS-2 or API CF level above.

Oil should be kept in heat condition.

Warning: watch out for scalds caused by hot oil

8. check or tighten rechargeable generator triangulation tape

Loosen the screw A, move the generator out and tighten the bolt so that the middle of the tape between the two belts should be able to press down about 10 mm. by hand. At the same time work after the wear of triangular tape to be replaced at the same time. Fan transmission tape by automatic tensioning device tensioning.

Every 400 hours

9. Oil filter 1 and bypass oil filter 2 (TD only) 710G TWD710G and TAD730G are replaced every 400 hours.

Remove the oil filter with special tools, lubricate the new filter, apply a layer of lubricating oil to the rubber seal pad of the new oil filter, and install the new oil filter by hand until the gasket is in contact with the filter seat. After tightening half ring (do not tighten too tight), replenish oil, start the engine, check for no leakage. Stop and check the oil level.

10. Check the oil intake of the supercharger and the return pipe should be free of leakage.

11. check if the chip of radiator and air-cooled intercooler (TAD) is blocked. (the need for cleaning is closely related to the working environment of the engine, so the clearance interval should be based on the experience of each engine.) Release the intercooler, unload the fan shield, remove the tube system of the intercooler, tilt the intercooler backward, then clean with water and neutral detergent. Be careful not to damage the radiator. 2. Do not flush with high pressure water.

12. Check air pipes and their hose joints should be free of broken parts and re-tighten clamps.

13. Add 0.5L anticorrosive agent (part No. 11411526-2) to the cooling system, suitable for engines with no antifreeze, which is not required for engines equipped with coolant filters.

Every 800 hours

14. Release of sediment from the tank

15. Replace fuel filter

Remove fuel filter with special tools. Apply a layer of butter to the seal of the new filter and twist the filter by hand until the gasket is in contact with the filter seat.

Note: no impurities are allowed into the fuel system and air from the fuel system is excluded (see regulation 16)

16. the fuel system is deflated. Unscrew the gas screw plug 1, use the oil pump 2 pump oil until there is no bubble in the oil from the outlet gas screw plug, tighten the discharge gas screw plug at the same time while the pump oil, and then pump oil 10-20 times should have no leakage phenomenon.

Every 1200 hours

17. Professionals are invited to check and adjust the valve gap. When checking the valve clearance, the engine should stop at a cold state or at normal operating temperature of the engine

Every 2400 hours

18.Removal and inspection of adjusting injectors by professionals: replace injectors if necessary. When the injector is installed, the tightening torque of the plate screw is 5cN.m and the tightening moment of the connecting nut of the high pressure tubing is 15 ~ 25N.m (1.5~2.5kgf.m).

19.The working condition of supercharger is checked by professional personnel, and generator and its accessories are routinely checked.

Every 6 months of work

20, replace coolant filter (do not replace coolant). Turn off switches 1 and 2, remove the filter with a special tool, apply oil to the liner of the new filter, tighten the new filter until the gasket is in contact with the shell, then tighten the 1 / 2 / 2 / 3 / 4 turn, turn off the switch 12 / 2 to start the engine, check and eliminate leakage. Check the coolant water level at the same time.

Every 12 months

21. Clean the cooling system, replace the coolant, check for leakage, low cooling level, thermostat, failure of the cooling fan, blockage of the radiator and intercooler or other parts of the cooling system, will cause the water temperature to be too high.


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