Video Wall - The Video Wall Option Presents The Best Value

by Maria Annie Multi Consultant

Everyone in the display technology industry knows that Video Wall is now hot, and you can imagine it becoming the new de facto standard for large commercial screens in cultures, museums, sports bars, retail and other general settings. Is the.

However, just because something new and advanced technology does not mean that it is the best solution. TV video walls (made of multiple LCD panels) and compete with older, projection standby and fixed LED walls. So if you're offering a larger format on the market that goes beyond traditional flat screen sizes, it's important to understand the key factors that make one solution better than another in a particular location. To help us understand these variables, we will look at these three options.

Given the even higher initial cost, it may seem to the casual observer that the LED video wall option provides the best value. Colors are vibrant and vibrant, and unlike other screens, it can be used in direct sunlight. Most importantly for the long-run cost equation, life expectancy can range from 50,000 hours to more than 200,000 hours, as most users don't turn on their walls with full brightness.

But there are other aspects to consider. Let's start with the exact variable and how it can affect costs. While projectors and displays have a built-in pixel count that demonstrates their ability to reproduce details, Video Wall allow you to set the image to a minimum viewing distance, called a "pixel pitch". Some uses. The smaller the pixel pitch from the center of the pixel to the adjacent pixel center, the better the image is measured in millimetres. A smaller pixel pitch means that more LED indicators are filled in square inches, which increases the pixel density and thus means that the image looks fuller and smoother from a closer viewing distance.

The LED walls used to create video walls are available in pixels from 1 mm to 10 mm. To see a distance of about 12 feet, you will need a pixel pitch of 1 mm or less. The approximate formula (assuming the viewer is normal or 20/20 with true vision) is to increase the pixel and multiply it by 10 to get an approximation to the correct minimum distance in feet. Planar, a leading manufacturer of visual displays, provides a useful table with different pixel layouts and viewing distances.

 Of course, a compact pixel layer has a higher premium. So the bottom line is that the need for sharp images over relatively short distances can dramatically and quickly increase your costs.

Another aspect to consider is that LED lamps are made in batches, so it is extremely important to ensure that the LED video wall manufacturer makes sure that the LED wall "tiles" that make up your wall are all LED. There is one set to ensure accuracy and continuity. From tiles to tiles. It may seem strange that different combinations of LEDs, even from the same manufacturer, can vary greatly in color reproduction and consistency. But given the nature of LED lamp manufacturing and coloring, it is absolutely necessary to have Outdoor Video Wall tiles with the same series of LEDs, taking into account changes in phosphor coating, inherent color deviations and deterioration of LEDs over time. . This ensures that degradation and chromatic aberration are consistent across the screen.

Many of the best-known video wall manufacturers and / or distributors will include additional tiles as a request for assistance with this color shift and deterioration if the tile is repaired or in need of repair. However, there is another problem with this practice. If you have been using your video wall for a few years and the video unit has failed or needs maintenance (it happens), your extra boards have become brand new, but the rest of the video wall is in. The paints have suffered from differences and degradation in two years. Now, most likely, you have problems with brightness and / or color discrepancies that may take longer to correct.

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