Golden Superfood Bliss and Cacao Bliss Keeps You Healthy

by Maria Annie Multi Consultant

In the last few years, there has been a great deal of interest in natural foods and a move away from processed foods, which are increasingly causing health problems such as diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure. However, what is super food? Golden Superfood Bliss are grown on the ground and have extraordinary nutritional and health benefits. It is a natural nutrient-rich food and contains large amounts of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Because of this food, all parts of the brain's body are supplied to the immune system. Super foods should be consumed as raw and organic to maintain high levels of enzymes that break down during cooking. Let's take a closer look at the five best foods.


With the addition of oranges and red nutrients, Golden Superfood Bliss has grown and harvested goji berries for almost 5,000 years. The Chinese believed that this unusual fruit could prolong your life. Goji berries are also available in the United States and grow in areas of the southwestern desert. Goji berries improve immune function, endurance, endurance, longevity and vision. Its main function is to promote the body's natural healing process through a variety of powerful nutrients. If you are taking warfarin or other blood thinners, you may want to consult your doctor before using goji berries. With age, HGH (human growth hormone) decreases, which slows down the metabolism and increases the appearance of aging. Goji berries are also known to stimulate the production of growth hormones that are important for longevity. A handful of goji berries can be consumed daily as part of a healthy diet.


If these super foods are familiar, they are. Cacao Bliss beans are the source of all chocolate products. Cocoa is a seed or bean wrapped in fruit grown in Central and South America. Cocoa trees grow well in tropical environments just below the equator. The Maya and Aztecs considered cocoa very valuable and traded gold instead of currency. Cocoa has the highest levels of antioxidants in any available food group. Antioxidants can prevent cell damage and age-related health conditions and diseases. Cocoa contains ananamide and is found only in the cocoa plant. According to David Wolf, Anandamide is known as "Bliss Chemical" - a natural endorphin that is released after exercise or heavy activity. When you eat cocoa, you can feel comfortable for a long time. Cocoa also cleanses the cardiovascular system, preventing the adhesion of white blood cells and blood vessel walls. For chocolate lovers, the biggest health benefits for dark chocolate will be 60-70% cocoa in dark chocolate, while above 70% cocoa content avoids the bitter taste of chocolate.


Maca has been developed in the South American Andes for over 2,000 years. It is rooted in roots and can be yellow or purple. Nickname "Peruvian ginseng". After harvesting, they are dried, boiled or baked. Studies show that the wallet increases animal fertility. The wallet is known for its strength, endurance and sexual desire. It also increases oxygen levels in the blood and reduces stress levels. Eating maca regularly can reduce thyroid problems. The wallet can be consumed only by adding powder to cocktails, juices or any drink. The recommended dose is 1 teaspoon per day. It is recommended to take turns for a few days and stop.

Bee Products

Honey, bees and royal jelly are all products from which bees are produced. Bees produce honey as a food source when food is scarce, and honey provides them with the energy they need most. Honey has healing properties and is easy to digest. It is commonly used because of its healing properties. It is also popular as a Chinese substitute. The Starbucks barista told me that honey removes the bitter and sour taste of certain types of coffee, giving it a smooth and rich aroma. Organifi Green Juice contains vitamin B9 and amino acids, which are a great source of protein for energy. It is also loaded with antioxidants that increase longevity. It is also known that bee pollen increases endurance, endurance and energy levels. Peruvian milk is a thick material and milk fed only by larvae, which will become the queen of bees. It is known for its strong and stimulating effects, such as caffeine intake, but it has no negative side effects. Bee products have so many health benefits that a full article about these products can be written separately.


Spirulina is a blue-green algae that grows in freshwater lakes, rivers and streams. Cacao Bliss is an essential source of food for all types of marine life. Organifi Green Juice contains large amounts of nutrients, proteins, vitamins and antioxidants. It contains 60% protein in dry form, making it the most concentrated form of protein in all known dishes.

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