Versatile Solvent: Organic Ethanol Alcohol & Maximum Proof Alcohol

by Andrew Winslow Best Alcohol for Extraction

The solvent alcohol is strong and secure. Since it can extract chemicals and active constituents like essential oils, tannins, and resins that aren't water soluble, alcohol is a great solvent for herbs. Moreover, it is the only edible solvent capable of successfully extracting the necessary components. As a versatile solvent, organic ethanol alcohol is employed in several processes. For instance, distilled spirits that have been created and consumed for hundreds of years include various types of ethanol.   Ethyl alcohol, which is utilised in hand sanitizer products, is a crucial component that is employed in modified forms of ethanol.

What distinguishes organic from non-organic ethanol?

Whether or not the grain is certified organic is the only distinction between food-grade ethanol that is organic and non-organic. Both are secure for intake by people and provide the identical outcomes when used to create extracts, tinctures, etc.

How is ethanol created from plants?

All varieties of organic ethanol alcohol are made utilising techniques from organic farming, in which plants are cultivated without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilisers, sewage, or food additives, and are processed without the use of radiation exposure that lengthens the shelf life of a product.

Organic ethanol alcohol: Uses

The substance found in alcohol such as beer, wine, and spirits is called ethanol, sometimes known as ethyl alcohol.  Extractohol utilise organic ethanol alcohol manufactured from sugar cane that is both certified organic and fair trade. Natural body and room perfumes, as well as body and hand sanitizers, frequently include organic alcohols.

Maximum Proof Alcohol


Maximum proof alcohol is the best extractor for making tincture, herbal oil, natural medicines, culinary extracts, and herbal essence extracts. Two times the amount of alcohol in proof. Hence, for example, vodka with an ABV of 40% is 80 proofs, whereas vodka with an ABV of 45% is 90 proof. A "proof spirit" is one that is 100 proofs or greater (50 percent ABV). 


Extractohol 190 proof food grade  alcohol and Extractohol 200 proof food grade alcohol are maximum proof alcohol that have the high potent for making tinctures, Rick Simpson Oil, essential oil extractor, cannabis, medicinal mushrooms, and a variety of other herbal remedies concentrates.

Despite the fact that you might believe the higher concentration to be more potent, experts claim that 70% is really more beneficial for disinfecting. It contains more water, which makes it easier for it to permeate cells, dissolve more gradually, and kill germs. Rubbing alcohol loses some of its disinfectant properties at concentrations greater than 80%–85%. The primary analytical solvent is ethanol with 95% reagent content. When diluted to 70%, it is also employed as a disinfectant in several laboratory applications.

Extractohol offers you maximum proof alcohol and organic ethanol alcohol which are highly potential as herbal extractor. The products are available at affordable prices. To know about the individual product of Extractohol, visit the website.

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