Vedic Astrology and The Art of Successful Investments

by Astro Ved Online Astrology Consultation

 Many people invest their money in stocks, bonds, real estate, or other things in the hope of earning good financial returns after some time. When a person invests money, he can sit back and relax, and let his money do all the work, and generate more money. 

There are many well-managed investment plans that can help you grow your money. But if you want to be more certain, you could get a Finance Horoscope Online or Horoscope compatibility from a Vedic astrologer. This can predict what your investment will yield. 

Speculation and gambling are also part of investments, and their results are often unpredictable. Investments that turn bad can cause a loss of money and financial crisis. One should always be prepared to face losses when making an investment.  

If you get an Online Kundali, it will be able to warn you about the problems that may crop up. 

Nowadays, astrology has become domain-specific. This means that you can find an astrologer to guide you about a particular problem in your life, like relationships, health, finances, etc. If it’s finances that concern you, you can ask for a Personalized Financial Report, which will contain predictions about your financial prospects. To find out if there will be gains from the investment, the astrologer will analyze some parameters like the Rising Sign/Ascendant. This sign rules one's own self and personality. In the birth chart, some of the houses also need to be examined.

Let’s see which houses determine wealth in a horoscope. 

Astrological Houses and Wealth 

The 2nd house and its Lord rule wealth. It is called the house of wealth. 

The 5th house can indicate gains from the share market, trading in stocks, speculations, etc. 

The 8th house predicts if there will be some sudden gain. 

The 9th house denotes the house of fortune. 

Planets and wealth

Planets too play a role in our financial prospects. 

Planet Jupiter is said to bestow wealth and riches. The Moon controls our emotions and mind. Mercury governs our intelligence and communication. Planet Rahu controls sudden events in life. 

Wealth Combinations 

These are certain combinations in astrology that signify financial gains. 

The native will earn money through investments if there is a connection between the Lords of the 2nd, 5th, and 11th houses.  

If the 2nd, 4th, 9th, and 11th houses or their Lords are well placed, gain from investments is likely. 

If the Lords of the 5th and 9th houses are connected to any of these houses - 2,5,8,11,,9 it signifies good wealth yoga and may indicate ample returns from investments. 

The Lord of the Ascendant, when found in the 2nd, 5th, 8th, 11th, and 9th houses, along with the Lords of these. 

Jupiter, when placed in the Ascendant and aspected by the Lords of the 2nd,5th, and 9th houses, also brings gains from stock market investments. 

When the 5th house Lord is connected to the 2nd, 9th, and 11th houses. If the 9th house Lord is connected to the 2nd, 11th, or 5th house, it can indicate income from speculations, especially if the Ascendant Lord also occupies one of these houses. 

Investments, when made correctly, can bring great wealth or losses. It depends on our luck to some extent. But if you don’t want to depend on the luck factor alone, Vedic Astrology can be your best bet. Astrology can help you to make the right investments at the right time, thereby avoiding any potential losses. There are many good online Astrologers who can provide you with solutions to your financial problems. 

You can also get a personalized Wealth/Financial Report which reveals your financial prospects for a particular year, based on your Horoscope. 

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