Vastu Tips to Follow Before Buying a Plot – Ensure an Auspicious Purchase!

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Checking for Vaastu while buying a plot ensures an auspicious land that brings you growth. Buying the plot is the first step that you take toward building the structure. So when you buy a foundation that is Vaastu-friendly, it means the cosmic energies can reach your property, always serving it with the positive effects.


The direction of the plot, the soil and the materials used, and even the plot's shape determine how fruitful this deal would be for you. That is why one should always get Vaastu Shastra expert’s guidance before buying any land or plot.


Let's have some tips that you can implement during your next purchase of a plot-


The Shape


One should opt for square or rectangular shapes of the plot. If such shape is not available, or if the land is not perfectly shaped in that way, consider the Gaumukhi position. In this position, the front part is narrower than the rear part. Sherdah is another position suggested as per Vaastu in which the plot tends to have a wider front and a narrower rear.


The Quality of Soil and Excavation Material


When looking for land, consider the plots with yellow soil as it comes best from Vaastu's perspective. Avoid buying plots that have rocks, worms, trees. Also, do not go for plots with black or clay-colored soil since these are not suitable for construction.


During the excavation process, different materials signify different things. If stones are dug out, it signifies an abundance of wealth that the plot would bring to the owner. 


·         Coal indicates illnesses

·         Bones mean there would be obstructions for future

·         Snakes block the construction's progress

·         Wood forces you to vacate the place

·         Torn clothes, when dug out, signify conflicts in the family

·         Iron or steel means death


However, when you find Horns of cow, Gold or silver coins, Zinc or brass, Bricks, they all lead you to abundance, wealth, richness, comfort, and luxuries of life.


The Direction of the Roads


Various road positions that pass by the plot and lead to different directions bring different results to the residents.


North / Northeast: the road ensures growth and wealth in business and beneficial for women.


East / Northeast: this kind of plot should be used to build newspaper offices, finance building, or something related to the media.


East / Southeast: the road that leads to this direction is not considered good as it brings expenses to the family.


South / Southwest: one should not buy a plot leading to the South as it increases accidents and develops bad habits in women.


North / Northwest: it is not a good plot to buy if the road leads to North or Northwest.


West / Southwest: this direction brings financial instability in the family.


Different Good Directions for Businesses


·         A plot that faces the Northeast is versatile enough to be used for homes, factories, and offices.

·         Northwest is ideal for trading business and industrial sites.

·         If you are looking to build an industry related to electricity or chemical, the Southeast is fruitful.

·         Businesses that indulge in nigh time activities gain profits from plots facing Southwest.

·         Sometimes a plot also faces two directions. In this case, a plot that faces North and East brings prosperity.

·         Plots that face East and South are especially good for females and their growth in wealth or success.

·         West and North roads, too, bring you wealth.

·         However, a plot facing South and West roads or North and South tend to bring moderate growth and success.


Other Helpful Vaastu Tips While Buying a Plot


·         Triangular plots, diamond, and L-shaped should not be purchased as they are not very promising for the fortune.


·         Avoid buying a plot having cut in the corner. If you are purchasing the plot's extension, choose the Northeast side rather than the Northwest side of the land.


·    Do not buy plots located near electrical power stations or large electric poles, especially if they are on the Northeast side as they bring the negative vibrations.


To get an exact result of the plot you are going to buy, it is advised that you consult a Vaastu expert. If you have already purchased a plot with some Vaastu defects, then a Vaastu expert can suggest you with some remedies to balance the energies.

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