Various Useful Benefits of Non-Woven Disposable Mask

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A non-woven disposable mask is popularly worn by the general public as it can lessen the chance of spreading airborne diseases. During this pandemic, it is getting demand to protect others and limit the spread of the virus.

There are various major benefits you can reap from this non-woven disposable mask. They protect from being splashed in the mouth with body fluids and avert the spread of body fluids from the wearer to others. Usually, when someone wears this mask, it shows that do not touch their mouth or nose which is another benefit and people will more concerned about it. It prevents viruses and bacteria from being transmitted.

Non-woven disposable masks can help to stop contamination of infectious liquid droplets, created you generally coughs or sneezes. It is better than Cotton and gauze masks that don’t offer adequate filtration of microbes.

In many cases, we have seen that it helps health care workers and in the community to avoid the risk of infection. However, many people think that whether it is good to use a non-woven disposable mask or not. In this article, we explain this topic so delve into it. This will help you to make the right decision.

Effectiveness of Non-Woven Disposable Mask-

Typically, these non-woven disposable masks are made of melt-blown non-woven polypropylene. In this process, plastic is extruded through a die with several small nozzles and blown by hot air. Then they become tiny fibers, again cooling and binding on a conveyor.

Most importantly, a professional non-woven disposable mask manufacturer makes it at a lower cost as well as the Non-woven PP is an affordable material. They can provide the excellent bacteria filtration and air permeability that you are seeking for.

They have 95 percent of bacteria filtration efficiency as well as they are lightweight, waterproof, flexible, and strong. However, they are for single use.

Additional benefits of Non-Woven Disposable Mask-

  • Can be utilized in hospitals or industrial area to protect from dust, water, and bacteria.
  • Offers high filtration efficiency so it doesn’t create a low breathing issue.
  • Non-poisonous, non-allergic, non-stimulating material.
  • Comfortable to use as well as free of maintenance, hygienic, clean, environment-friendly.

Why non-woven fabric is a better choice?

They are comfortable to the touch as well as eco-friendly. If it is dirty, you can clean it properly. However, many people wonder can it be washed without any issues. Let’s explain it-

It ought to be dry-cleaned as much as possible. However, using detergents containing bleach or fluorescence is prohibited.

When wash, soak in cold water and do not expose it to the sun rather leave it to a natural dry. In the first wash, you can add salt or white vinegar to the water and then immerse it to prevent fading.

Moreover, Non-woven fabrics are dissimilar from normal fabrics. If you want to keep its performance as before and avoid fading, you can opt for dry cleaning.

All you just need to hire a professional non-woven disposable mask manufacturer and supplier that can give you the best quality products at affordable prices.

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