N95 Mask is The Need of the Hour: Know Why and How to Buy the Right One?

by Vinni S. SEO Executive

N95 masks got such a name because they are designed and made as per the U.S standards of safety demand the masks to filters out 95% of the tiny particles including coronavirus contained droplets. Mostly used by the frontline medical staff and Healthline workers dealing with coronavirus patients and employees working at factories involved in chemicals and paint making, N95 masks are quite different from simple surgical masks.

While the common cloth masks and surgical masks are made to curb the spread of germs, N95 masks provide a better grip around your face and offer a tighter seal.

N95 Masks Grows in Popularity

With the chances of viral and bacterial infections on the higher side, it is recommended that you wear N95 masks all the time to prevent yourself from falling sick and getting affected by the common cold, swine flu, and various other viral infections. N95 masks have been prescribed by doctors around the world to be worn as a first line of defense against the deadly virus spread.

Does N95 Masks Work?

The N95 face masks are manufactured in a way that it features several filter layers which makes sure that the air you inhale is 95% dust and pollutants free. The breathing resistance in the N95 masks is lesser when compared with other face masks which claim to work and filter pollutants from the air you breathe in. Unlike other masks, N95 masks can be worn for a longer duration without any difficulty and feelings of suffocation. These masks are sold for everyday use but wouldn’t protect you from toxic gases or chemical vapors.

Is Reusing N95 Masks Possible?

While N95 masks can be mostly reused and worn for as long as you want to, they come with a particular shelf-life. Dispose of the mask the moment you see them getting all worn out. Even when the pollutants clog the filter, the mask will no longer serve its purpose or keep you protected from pollution.

N95 Mask and How is Different from Other Anti-Pollution Masks?

The N95 and N99 masks share strange similarities and both of them have garnered immense popularity in the present market, thanks to the rise in pollution and coronavirus cases. But the major difference between N95 masks its unique and ultra-effective way of filtering our pollutants, dust, and virus. Another basic difference between N95 and N99 masks is that while you can breathe in easily with an N95 mask, N99 masks make it difficult for you to breathe.

Knowing When to Dispose of N95 Mask

The N95 masks are generally available with a mentioned life-cycle on their packet. You can use it after calculating the number of hours. There are a few masks that are sold with a color indicator. This color indicator directs when you need to dispose of the mask. At times, the N95 masks can also wear out because of repetitive usage. This is what minimizes the efficiency and potency of the mask and you can no longer use it. The moment you face difficulty in breathing after putting it on and when you notice some significant changes in the pollution mask, dispose of it immediately.

Here’s What You Should Know Before Shopping N95 Masks

• Always speak with your health care specialist and see if they recommend an N95 mask to you. N95 masks can make things worse for patients who are suffering from medical and respiratory conditions.

• The N95 masks come with an exhalation valve which is great to solely cut down moisture.

• Go for immediate replacement of your N95 mask, if you face breathing issues or in case your mask is cracked.

• Always dispose of your N95 mask in a disposable bag before swinging it into the dustbin. Always consider washing your hands with soap or sanitize them after you have touched the mask with your bare hands.

• N95 masks aren’t the best option for people with beards as they are unable to render complete protection to them.

N95 masks have now become a necessity, given the flare-up of the deadly virus spread. The only precautionary tool to curb the spread of the virus is through this vastly recommended mask. Order N95 masks from the N95 face masks supplier and join hands in trying to stop the Coronavirus from creating any further havoc to humankind.

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