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Ceramic capacitors are nonpolarized fixed capacitors where ceramic is used as the dielectric component. It is constructed of two or more alternating way of ceramic and a metal acting as the electrodes. Monolithic Ceramic capacitors have a rectangular shape and two opposite electrodes on both sides.

They are generally used as capacitors for RFI/EMI suppression, as feed through capacitors and in large dimensions as power capacitors for the transmitter. Ceramic Capacitors Manufacturers & Suppliers in Delhi/NCR has different types of capacitors with different rating and values for the electronic circuit are choosing.

Need for Ceramic Capacitors Replacement:

Generally, where the circuit demands a lower capacitance value (in pf), ceramic capacitors are used. This type of capacitor is nonlinear in frequency and voltage responses when compared other capacitors. Another issue with a ceramic capacitor is that they sometimes act as microphones.

They capture nearby sounds and modulate them accordingly. The varying of capacitance with a change of voltage is the reason the ceramic capacitors are less ideal for the audio signal path. Due to the varying capacitance, nonharmonic distortion takes place. This can be compared to the superimposed high pitch note on a bass. If the momentary voltage of bass is high and the value of the capacitor is low then this leads to the higher not to become damped.

Another major disadvantage is that any voltage transients can damage them and thus not recommended to use as bypass capacitors directly across a low-impedance power supply. Also, high ceramic capacitors are not readily available. With changes in the temperature, the capacitance also changes drastically. 

Substitute for ceramic capacitors:

For High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors Replacement, Film capacitors are the best choice. Film capacitors are the capacitors with the dielectric component of a plastic film or polyester (PET) or polystyrene (PS). Both the ceramic and Film capacitors are nonpolar capacitors thus it has a negative and a positive terminal.

The normal capacitance rating range of ceramic capacitors is from 2.2pf to 100mpf with the voltage varying from 16V to 15kV.

In comparison, Film capacitors have a capacitance rating range between 100pf to 1000uf with a voltage range of 50V to 3kV.

As mentioned above the ceramic capacitors are not ideal for the audio signals as they are nonlinear and varying capacitance. Film capacitors are quite linear and normally best for analog signal processing. They also provide high insulation resistance and very low loss factors.

These benefits along with the high capacitance stability of Film Capacitors make them a perfect Ceramic Capacitors Replacement in the range of 1kV to 2kV.
Offers by the Manufacturers and suppliers

Ceramic Capacitors Manufacturers & Suppliers in India are offering replacement for the Film Capacitors cost almost the same as the Ceramic Capacitors. As there are different types of film capacitors with rating varying a lot, these companies advise you where to apply them and how to use them.

They also have the large experience in handling this matter thus capable of advising you the correct substitute for your old ceramic capacitors.

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