Know How About Different Types of Capacitor

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A capacitor is one of the three basic electronic components that are required in constructing any electronic devices. This basic component contains two terminals with a dielectric layer between both the terminals. Capacitors act as a battery to store some electrical energy. The effect of this component is called capacitance. Some time capacitors are known as condensator or condenser. There are many Non-Inductive Type Capacitors Manufactures & Suppliers in India those who have huge expertise to manufacture any kind of capacitor according to the requirement of the customers.

Different Types of Capacitors:

Capacitors are manufactures based upon many factors. They are found in many shapes, sizes, styles and various kinds of materials. Capacitor along with other components like resistors and inductors belong to the group of passive components. There are various kinds of capacitors available in the market.

Film Capacitor:

Film capacitors are generally called as film caps or power capacitor consists of two terminals and an Insulating Plastic Film between them acting as the dielectric material. Sometimes this layer plastic layer is replaced by a thin layer of paper as a dielectric. In this category, there are two types of capacitor. They are Film Foil Capacitor and Metalized film capacitors.

Electrolytic capacitor:

In this category metallic anode is covered in a layer of the oxidized component which is used in the form of the dielectric. There are three types of capacitors that are included in this category who are distinguished by the dielectric component.

  • Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors: These capacitors have aluminum oxide as the dielectric components.
  • Tantalum Electrolytic Capacitors: These capacitors have tantalum pentoxide as the dielectric components.
  • Niobium Electrolytic Capacitors: These capacitors have niobium oxide as the dielectric components.

Types of Film Capacitors:

Generally, film capacitors are more famous in use in different industries. Further film capacitor can be differentiated into different types according to the shapes and sizes of the capacitors like Round Axial Capacitor. They are used in the through-hole PCBs.

Another shape of the capacitor is Box Type Capacitors. The main advantages of using this capacitor are that they can perform very well in high current stress. It also has self-healing properties and the whole body is encapsulated in a fireproof case.

For the Flat Axial Capacitor comes in the category of axial film capacitors. The main features of this capacitor are that this capacitor has low dissipation factors and along with very good self-healing properties. The dielectric component in this capacitor is made up of polyester film.

There are various Non-Inductive Type Capacitors Manufactures & Suppliers in Delhi/NCR those who have the capability to construct various types of capacitors to meets the specific requirement of the customer.  These companies are focused on providing high quality and innovative solutions to the customers.

From the above information, one can have a general idea about different types of capacitors. These companies are very good at making different types of capacitors for a long period of time and have lots of experience in this field. They have experts and technician to help the customers in selecting the best capacitors they need for their operation.

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