Using Tantiv4’s ThingaOS™ to Create the Perfect Viewing Experience

by Praveen sharma Technical Writer
The invention of the remote control was heralded as a great advancement in the world of entertainment technology. Thanks to wireless remote-control units, it was no longer necessary to march back and forth from the TV set to the couch in order to change channels. However, today’s bewildering array of choices has effectively made remote control units obsolete. After all, we have to only take a look at the many different programs and menus as well as devices in the electronic entertainment industry to effectively realize that the humble remote-control unit simply cannot cope with the massive influx of options. Even an LED TV today has far too many functions for the average layman to understand and utilize properly. And when we think of the multiple devices connected to the TV, we can see that voice recognition technology is the only way forward.

Here, Tantiv4’s revolutionary ThingaOS™ BDR SaaS Platform comes into the picture. Not only can it effectively process multiple commands, but it can also detect the subtle nuances in speech and accent so that the user does not have to repeat himself again and again. This is absolutely invaluable to the end consumer who just wants to sit back and relax. Let us see how ThingaOS™ gets the job done via SHARP’s revolutionary new voice recognition technology-enabled Blue Ray Disk recorder:

A voice recognition capable speaker will actually listen to the commands as the user ‘speaks’ to the device

Powering Up the Device

If the user wants to ‘wake up’ the device, all he has to say is “Alexa BD Recorder.” This command will activate the speaker and it will respond with a pre-programmed reply

“Welcome to BD Recorder.” Please search and select the contents you would like to watch.”

For example, if you say “Soccer,” the device will search for all Soccer related content

Searching for Relevant Content

The user will ask the device to search through recorded content. It will display the content on the screen and ask for further instructions. It will subsequently repeat the process for any query inserted into the system (such as sports and drama). Once the content has been displayed, the next command would be to search from the index. After that, it will wait for further instructions.

Functional Commands

It is possible to rewind, forward, play and pause the screen with verbal commands only. The recorder will instantly take the desired action. Alexa can shut down with a simple ‘cancel’ command and its place can be taken by Google. You will simply say “OK Google, BD recorder” and Google will ‘wake up.'

Executing Specific Commands

As with Alexa, BD’s Google search option can also go through the recorded lists and come up with the program you want to see. You can select the desired program and use the same functional commands. Once you are done with it, you can power off the speakers and “cancel” your interaction. The machine will power off.


Tantiv4’s ThingaOS™ voice recognition technology is an absolute must for the next wave of cutting-edge electronic entertainment devices. This is mainly because the age of the remote-control unit is all but over.

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