Using Evacuated Tubes Solar Pool Heater Over Unglazed Plastic Pool Heaters

by Latitude51 Solar Supplier Of Solar Water Heaters

Solar vacuum tubes are perfect for applications like solar water heating and space heating in the Northern Climates. Also, these vacuum tubes are considered for solar pool heating applications as they can heat the pool even during cloudy climate conditions. The solar evacuated tubes offer an appropriate amount of heat energy even when the surrounding temperature stays at -40.

The solar water heating kits can be utilized to harness solar energy and provide free hot water for your home or business. The superior standard solar vacuum tubes are the types of collectors perfectly suited to the Canadian Climate and Northern USA and will produce very hot water even during the depths of winter.

Using Evacuated Tubes Solar Pool Heater over Unglazed Plastic Pool Heaters

Unglazed solar heaters are available in many different forms. It’s simply a dark plastic box of flat plastic mats that warm up in the sun. It’s the same as leaving a plastic bucket in the sun. They are simple and effortless in certain conditions.

However, the unglazed solar pool heaters work well only when the surrounding ambient temperature is higher than the water that you want to heat. This means the solar temperature should warmer outside than your pool. If it remains cooler, the unglazed solar pool heater won’t work. Even, the wind blowing over the plastic pool heater will cool down the plastic pool heater like a radiator and eliminates the heat energy from the pool.

However, the vacuum tube solar pool heaters can work even when the outside temperature is below zero like -20, 30 or -40 Deg C. The tubes are like glass vacuum and also a thermos flask as they hold heat into the glass tube even when it’s cold outside.

This means wind blowing does not affect heating your pool water, unlike the unglazed heaters. The glass collects and concentrates the sunlight and doesn’t get affected by the wind and will heat the water even when the outside temperature is colder than your pool. This is how the evacuated tube glass collector can extend your pool season

Solar evacuated tubes pool heaters last for long.

The unglazed pool heaters have much lower heat output per area, i.e. one of the solar vacuum tubes pool heaters can have an area of 50 square feet. Even if you get 50 square feet of the unglazed pool heater, the evacuated tubes solar collectors will produce enough heat even when the outside temperature is very low.

After all, the solar pool system is different from the ordinary pool; but there’s no contact with bromine or chlorine which would negatively impact on the solar pool heating system. This means a typical solar pool heater using a closed loop system outlast a traditionally designed solar pool heater by up to five times.

Bottom Line –

Before buying evacuated tubes solar collectors, you should understand your needs and know when you will use the pool. For summer use, one or two x 30 tube solar collectors would be perfect. But in winter, 4 x 30 tubes solar collectors should be must to allow more heat to be collected to keep the pool warmer for longer.

Please do thorough research and consider buying evacuated tubes solar collectors for solar pool heating. You won’t be disappointed at the end!

Author Information –

This article is written by Latitude51Solar, specializes in providing SunRain evacuated tubes solar collectors for solar pool heating purposes ensuring optimal performance and efficiency in the long run.

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