Useful Tips To Help You Ace The Interviews For Placements At Jaipur National University

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Every college student - no matter which discipline he or she belongs to - has distinct interests, skills and personalities. But sometimes one needs help in identifying these attributes and showcasing them to potential employers. This is where a university’s Placement Cell comes into the picture. It can help you explore your chosen industry and find the best fit for you. Their guidance and training can help you put your best foot forward during your interview rounds.

 On the same note, here are some useful tips to help you ace the interviews for placements at Jaipur National University.

 Research the company

No matter how much you think you know about the recruiting organization, you can always know more. Do a proper research about its core objectives, services and requirements, and review it before the interview. Also, talk to your counsellors and get more information about them. During your interviews, you can demonstrate your research and show how it aligns with your career interests.

 Practice a positive body language

Uncrossing your arms, using an enthusiastic tone, leaning towards the person speaking and maintaining eye contact are all forms of positive body language that you can use to draw others in. Proper body language exudes confidence, engages the interviewers and convinces them that what you’re saying is not only valid but also meaningful. During interviews, how you say something can be more important than what you say.

 Do not try tactics to impress recruiters

Students must understand that the recruiters involved in placements at Jaipur National University come from leading national and international organizations. They receive thousands of applications each year and have decades of experience interviewing  a wide range of candidates. Which is why they are aware of every loud or subtle tactic used to impress them. They might play along, but they can see through you. Being real and honest is essential to being persuasive. Recruiters prefer genuine individuals because they can be trusted if hired. So, be yourself. Let your academic strengths and unique skills speak for you.

 Be clear and concise

Company recruiters appreciate candidates who value their time and communicate their ideas quickly, concisely and clearly. When you have a strong grasp on what you’re talking about, it’s fun and easy to explain it. A good strategy here is to know your field of study and related topics so well that you could explain it with ease. If you can communicate effectively with someone who has no background on the subject, you can certainly make a persuasive case with someone who does.

Jaipur National University’s highest placements are a result of dedication from both - students and counsellors. No matter what course you pursue here, you can rest assured you will receive lucrative opportunities from top employers in the industry. To know more about JNU’s campus interview process, kindly get in touch with its Placement Cell.

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