Useful Tips for picking A-Grade short term rentals In Belgrade for a business trip

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If you’re planning a business trip to Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, the first thing to take into account is to find a good place to stay. Unless you are a seasoned traveller, this might be the case of “easier said than done”. 

No doubt, there are countless options when it comes to choosing the both holiday and corporate accommodation in Belgrade. And with many options to choose from, making the right decision becomes difficult. To help you with this mammoth task, here are few useful tips that will help you make the right choice - best holiday apartments and some of the most convenient corporate accommodation in Belgrade. Consider the following points:

Destination research is must
Before going to a place like Belgrade, make sure you have inquired about its neighbourhoods to know whether the place you want to stay in offers a what you are seeking for. Thumb rule says, try to search for vacation rentals situated close to the city center (so either Old Town, Vrachar or Savski venac) if you came for a city break. But if you need corporate accommodation, then it is almost sure that you want to be stationed in New Belgrade. 

To be even more precise, the top dogs for corporate accommodation in Belgrade are the residential blocks called: Belville, A Block and Savada. In 85% of the cases they have a dedicated parking spot in the building’s garage, good and stable high speed internet and an abundance of facilities within the apartment complex that will make your life after work really nice. Not to mention that all important corporate HQs are in fact in New Belgrade, in the relative proximity of the aforementioned complexes. This is not to say that the Old Town is completely unsuitable for business travellers, but there is a far better chance that the amenities you seek will be better met in the aforementioned complexes.

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Every company wants to know how sensibly they spend their money. When it comes to accommodation, make a point to look into the added charges that remain hidden which may result in inflating your expenses. A good service provider would point those out before you come to the POS, but most won’t. And by that we mean even the most reputable ones. Somehow, the initial 40 euros per day price goes up to 70 once the tax, cleaning and service fees are included. Therefore, read the subtext and make sure that the price of that inviting ambience, facilities and other significant amenities is clear up front. And if its not clear, do try to clear it up with booking agents before you proceed to make the booking.

Avoid travelling at peak times
In spite of doing such an extensive research, there are cases when you land up in a costly deal. Namely, when big events such as New Year, or big sports events take place (like Diamond Ball, Final Four or Final Four for that matter), this will almost certainly raise the costs of accommodation. Plan a trip to Belgrade during off seasons. In the peak seasons, accommodation rentals reach sky-high prices and require advance bookings. To save yourself from this, pick a time when tourists flock to Belgrade the least.

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If possible take a look at the video, not just the photos 
Today pretty much any smartphone has a capacity to make a mediocre photo look fantastic through the use of different filters. While this may serve in handy in making you look cool on social media, it is not a favourable action to be made on behalf of hosts when they take photos of your potential future abode. One thing that is still beyond the reach of beautification tools are definitely videos – and therefore the most trustworthy account of the property you are looking at. Don’t go for poor ads made in Poweproint with background music either. You want the real McCoy, where you can hear if the floor creaks under your feet, if the soundproofing is done properly and if the overall look of the place is decent. 

And there you have it. Now these four things actually cropped up as a result of customer feedback from a one of oldest agencies that has been dealing with short term rentals in Belgrade for the past 12 years. They have decided to incorporate all of the aforementioned features on their website, so if you ever happen to need an apartment for a business trip to Belgrade, you might want to check them out. 

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