Useful Tips for Buying a Coffee Grinder

by Mudassar Ali Tourist and Writer!
It's smart to buy a coffee grinder since you can always prepare freshly ground coffee - which benefits the taste of the coffee. If you have decided to buy a coffee grinder, you will automatically receive questions such as what to look out for when you are about to buy a coffee grinder.
Read on, and we will give you tips for buying an electronic or manual coffee grinder.

Why should I buy a coffee grinder?
When people knock at our door and want to learn more about coffee, we always recommend buying a coffee grinder first. This is an utter must when you want to draw your barista skills to a high level.

Finally, fresh coffee!
A coffee grinder is necessary because the ground coffee that you buy in the supermarket is not as fresh as most people think. You only get fresh coffee when you use the ground coffee immediately after grinding. The fire date also affects the freshness of the coffee.
It is best to use coffee beans within 2 weeks after the date of the fire. If you do not do this, the coffee beans become less fresh.

Never throw away coffee again
In addition, you never have to throw away coffee again, because you decide how much coffee you serve. When you buy bigger bags at the supermarkets, it sometimes happens that you have to throw away coffee, because the ground coffee has become old and therefore does not taste good anymore.

Set your own grinding degree
Finally, you can influence the grinding degree yourself. In this way, you can play with the grinding degree and discover which grinding degree provides the tastiest flavor. Every setting method needs another grinding degree, so there is plenty to experiment! Not all manual coffee grinders have the option to set the grinding degree yourself. Pay attention to this when you want to buy a manual coffee grinder.

Electronic or manual coffee grinder?
And then you come to the choice of whether you want to buy an electronic or manual coffee grinder. Let's start by saying that an electric coffee grinder is considerably more expensive than a manual coffee grinder. When you first begin your coffee adventure at home, we always recommend a manual coffee grinder. They generally do well and are more affordable. The advantage of an electronic coffee grinder is that they are often more accurate and therefore deliver better results.
There are cheaper electronic coffee grinders available, but these do not always work well. If you want to take advantage of the accuracy of an electronic coffee grinder, it is wise to go deeper into the pouch.

Coffee grinders and coffee brewing method
When you are about to buy a coffee grinder, it is wise to choose the coffee grinder to depend on the coffee-making method you use. Espresso coffee needs an excellent grind, while you use a coarser grind for the French Press.
The coarser grind is not a problem for the most coffee grinders, but a very fine grind can sometimes cause problems. When you use the slow coffee makers, you can buy a cheaper coffee grinder.
Are you planning to use the coffee grinder for the best coffee maker or Turkish coffee? Then it might be better to spend a little more money. In this case we would also tend to go to an electronic coffee grinder, as these are more precise.

How is the ground coffee collected?
You also have to take into account that the coffee mills differ in the way the ground coffee is released. This can be through a collection tray, a dosing unit or filter support. When you use slow coffee makers or typesetting methods, a collection tray can be used perfectly.
If you use an espresso machine, it is better to choose a coffee grinder with filter support or a dosing unit. The filter of your espresso machine should also fit in the filter carrier of the coffee grinder (often this goes well).
The dosing unit is usually used in the catering industry because it allows you to 'drain' an exact amount of coffee. So, you can set the dosing unit to '7 grams,' and then you can assume that 7 grams always comes out.

Note the speed of the electronic coffee grinder
Finally, pay attention to the speed of the coffee grinder. This fact partly determines the quality of the coffee grinder. You can distinguish the coffee grinder in high-speed coffee grinders; a switched low speed or low speed.
At high rpm, you have a chance that the ground coffee will burn at high speeds, which gives a bitter taste. These coffee mills use a lot of speed (which gives off heat) to provide sufficient power for grinding the coffee beans. The cheaper electric coffee mills often use this.
Since the low-speed electronic coffee grinders are quite expensive, we advise you to choose a switched low-speed coffee grinder. These are a lot cheaper, become less hot and make less noise when grinding the coffee beans. A coffee grinder with a low rpm works even more accurately and is a bit better, but here you also pay the top prize.

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