Useful Signage Tips to Prepare Workspaces in the Post Covid-19 World

by Olivia Watson Printing manager

In different parts of the world various cities and countries are easing out the restrictions that was formed to contain the spread of the virus. Though a vaccine is yet to be discovered, it is also not possible to keep people locked down inside their homes till a time unknown. As the uncertainties await us, people are expected to gradually get back to normal following all the social distancing and other preventive guidelines as set by their local governments, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and WHO.

No matter how quickly we strive to adapt to the change, the fear of the virus is going to stay with us for a long period of time. Stores, schools, and businesses are gradually planning to open but no matter how soon all of this transition takes, businesses will not be the same anymore, at least for a long time. Now the question that arises is how are we going to adjust our spaces to align them with this new reality? As we welcome our employees and customers back to our store and office, we will need to adjust the way we behave and interact around our space. The new Covid-19 signs can help business owners guide their people through their space comfortably.

As people slowly start coming back to their workspace, you need to prepare them to face the reality of the post-Covid-19 world. Your employees should feel safe and comfortable at their workspace and your customers should not panic about their safety as they pay a visit to your store. It is true that Covid-19 signage is an effective way of communicating with your community but you will also need to develop new practices that you can pair up with the message that you deliver through these signs. Let us take a quick look at some of the best practices pertaining to signs for return to work:

·   signs with pre-carved messages can sometimes induce stress. Disseminating information and sharing messages is important but sometimes the color tone or typography used in some designs  Maintain a friendly tone in your Covid-19 signage for office simply putting up readymade si creates an unwelcoming and harsh feeling among readers. Shifting the tone of the messaging to something that is more human establishes a better connection. Instead of simply putting up instructions like “wash your hands”, make your message sound like a collaborative effort by using words like “let us wash our hands”. The idea is to invoke a sense of togetherness while you are sharing important information with customers and employees.

·        Plan your user journey through your space with return to work signs while you are selecting the message and design of your signs, it is important for you to consider the people that are returning to your workspace. You need to analyze their behavior pattern, what they think, and how they perceive things. Examine their entire journey from the time they leave their safe homes until the time they reach the workspace. Your customers who had been stepping out of their homes only to receive online delivery will now be traveling down to your store, wait in queues, or slide into their favorite café to grab a cappuccino. The transition needs to be a smooth one and you can make this by creating friendly messages like “welcome back”. Your store or office needs to give them the same warm feeling that they had been having in their homes all this while.

·       Align your communication campaign with your office signage when used in the right way, positive messages and instructional signage can enhance your user experience. Friendly messages can create more impact when they are combined with communication campaigns that let your employees, customers, and visitors know that new measures have been implemented. The instructional message that you share in your signs when followed and abided by you first, will create a positive impact on people sharing your workspace. This also shows them that you are making that extra effort to make them feel comfortable and at home.

·       Reflect your brand in your signs for office most of these signs come in highly customizable templates. You can use these signs to reflect your brand value. For example, you can print the messages in your brand color or use your brand color in the backdrop. In order to give it a personalized touch, you can print your logo at the top right-hand corner of the sign. As we help our people deal with the challenges, we also have an opportunity to design an experience for them that articulates our brand message all the way.

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These were some of the best practices that you can follow as you design your Covid signage message and make your workspace ready for a return to work. Always remember that the key to creating a healthy workspace in the post-Covid-19 era is communicating with employees and customers in a compelling and collaborative tone. 

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