Use of bamboo flooring for a feng shui compliant home

by Saanvi Arora Wooden Flooring

Bamboo touches our lives one way or the other and we don’t even realize its presence or contribution to our lives. It is a grass varietal, a miniature version of which we often see kept in the corners of house or work place as a Feng Shui good luck charm. It is considered as a good omen to gift these cute little bamboo trees. Bamboo derives its name from a traditional Kannada term bambu. Over a period of years this term transformed into the current day bamboo. Although it is counted in the grass family, but the height of this grass can make many tall trees look dwarf. It grows much faster than tree and some varietals grow as fast as a few feet per day, hence despite being a natural resource, it is not considered unlawful or unethical to make commercial use bamboo. It is a fast regenerating natural resource, found in abundance in tropical regions. There are some varietals which also grow in temperate climate, but due to its high dependence on water, it grows in abundance and thrives in tropical rain forests of the world. It is utilized in many commercial uses. Use as a scaffolding tool for erection of temporary tents as well as for repairs and renovation of existing structures, use as a natural flooring element, use in rituals and moulding into decorative show pieces are some of the widespread uses of bamboo. Its use for scaffolding has been going on for a very long time. It won’t be wrong to say that bamboo has been traditionally used for scaffolding for centuries. The trend of using bamboo flooring for interiors is relatively new, but this trend is picking up for three main reasons. Despite belonging to grass family, it is very strong and sturdy and hence a reliable material for flooring. Due to the natural shades and graining, it gives very good look to the flooring. Being a fast regenerating natural resource, its cutting has lesser ecological impact when compared to its hardwood counterparts.


The trend of using bamboo flooring in India has rapidly picked up over the years and the reasons for the same are more or less the same as mentioned towards the end of last paragraph. Indian tastes and preferences for interiors is changing and inching closer and closer to international tastes and preferences. This is slowly translating in conscious use of wooden flooring by Indians.


It is to be noted that bamboo wood flooring is comparatively economical to hardwood flooring and it is also requires lesser maintenance. But when it comes to quality, durability and longevity, there is little room left for complaints, hence over the past few decades its use for flooring has seen a significant rise globally.    

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