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There’s a popular saying; “A picture is worth more than a thousand words.” U.S. researchers have discovered that the human brain can interpret images that the eye sees in just 13 milliseconds. This is a because the average human eye is able to process an image 92% faster than reading through a few lines of written words.

A clear, detailed picture which is able to pass a message effectively to its readers has a higher rate of being recalled easily, compared to a picture without a specific purpose. Hence when branding, this strategy is integrated to increase the value, create awareness, and makes acquiring potential clients an easier job - which brings about an increase in sales and demand.

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Another analysis states that companies with a great logo perform better than companies without. This is because clients tend to remember pictures when they see them repeatedly. Not only that, it makes them know what to expect from your company. So, if potential clients are exposed to the same logo every now and then through social media and advertisements, they would have a higher chance of remembering that logo when in need.

In this article, I would be sharing five ways to increase sales using graphic designs.

Graphics should be kept short and simple

A client would be able to sniff out on the quality of your graphics. Investing in a good quality graphic design will not just impress your customers, but will also show how professional you are. Your graphics should be clear and of great quality, while the words written on the graphics should be kept short and simple. Do not overcrowd the image because this could bring about confusion in your clients’ minds.

Note the keywords

Adding call outs and highlighting portions of the written content would make a reader focus more on that information. So, if you want readers to note certain keywords and references from your website or in your company, this is the way to go about it.


The front of your website, or anything you’re writing on, plays an important role in catching the readers’ attention. There’s no fixed size or front for anything, but a good front should be easy to read without the information being too overcrowded and too spacious. Finding the balance between the two is of great importance to your business growth. Website designing

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Using the right colours

Other than the front used when writing, the colour of the graphic is just as important. Colour creates ideas, expresses messages, sparks interest, and generates certain emotions. Some colours hold a universal significance and tend to create a particular message in the subconscious mind of your readers. For example, red - it generally means blood or a warning sign. Also, a good colour combination strengthens your website and the branding of your business.

Be a coach

Coaching, consultations or leading seminars might seem like a waste of time for you, but they aren’t. Actually, as a start-up, you don’t need to go big as to be a coach or lead seminar, but you can offer free consultation tips and drop tips every now and then on your business niche. This helps you to create value within your clients and your business. People would also go as far as recommending you to their friends, families and colleagues. Whereas, in seminars, the design of the PowerPoint template would have your company theme and logo as the template. This way, it would show how professional you are about your business - which would also rake in clients. Brand logo design

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