Use Cases Showing Why Enterprises Should Adopt Blockchain Technology

by Hailey Garcia Blockchain & Mobile App Consultant

As the entire world is moving toward digitization, the necessity of a foundational technology arises. Blockchain is a distributed ledger-based technology that serves various industries with effective business-enhancing solutions. It is a breakthrough technology that can provide high-level data management functionalities.


Blockchain is one of the most underutilized technologies. In other words, we can say it is an underrated technology with numerous uplifting characteristics.


In this blog, we will discuss the real-time use cases of blockchain technology in distinct sectors. 


A Step Forward in Financial Services

In general, the application of blockchain is extensively seen in the field of financial services. The banking, finance, and Insurance sectors get a handful of perks using blockchain. These industries require easy accessibility of data, faster transactions, concrete security, and other similar features. Blockchain will be a tailor-made solution for these businesses. 


With the incorporation of blockchain, we can improve the transparency, trustworthiness, and security of financial transactions. One of the most challenging parts for existing financial sectors is the lack of transparency. Thanks to blockchain, it not only overcomes the challenges often faced by these sectors but also provides an alternative solution for them. It improves the transaction speed, cuts off intermediaries, is free of errors, cross-border transactions, and much more. Additionally, the formalities and paperwork involved in these industries are highly reduced by employing blockchain. Thus, we save both time and money.


Tokenization is the Trend Now!

The term ‘tokenization’ is turning heads in the market right now! Tokenization is the process of converting a physical or digital asset into a token. The resultant token will hold the ownership of the asset. Apart from other applications of blockchain, this one created an unexpected hype since NFTs became popular.


The concept of tokenization attracted a lot of attention. Tokens facilitate fractional ownership of assets that catches the eyes of global investors to fund an asset.


NFTs are already popular in the gaming, art, and music industries. At present, real estate tokenization offers jaw-dropping features and enables even small investors to buy a real estate property. 


If you think it is interesting, let us tell you about something more interesting than this.


Have you ever heard of using blockchain technology in the energy sector? 


That sounds unbelievable! 


Well, there are currently some upcoming and already existing blockchain projects featured in the energy sector.


Check out the boundless application blockchain has to serve the energy industry. 


Inducing Trust and Transparency

As we already know, electricity grids get supplied from both renewable and non-renewable sources. There is a secondary market that represents the environmental & social benefits of purchasing electricity through Guarantees of Origin (also known as Certificates of Origin). But getting this certification is not an easy process because there are intermediaries involved in this. So, it consumes more time, money, labor, etc and thereby reducing trustworthiness. However, blockchain can help this situation by adding some features like verification, traceability, and transparency. It streamlines the complex areas and strengthens the trust.


Knitting the Technologies Together

Power generation and distribution play a large part in energy sectors. There is a range of transactive technologies that enable energy storage, energy trading, and demand forecasting to integrate into “smart grids.” Blockchain helps to knit all these transactive energy technologies with the smart grid. Ultimately, adopting blockchain technology in the energy industry can improve transparency, streamline regulatory reporting, and improve efficiencies. 


Blockchain is definitely a breakthrough technology!


When exploring more into this domain, we can utilize additional benefits from it. This is why most existing enterprises and startups are likely to try out blockchain technology, as it will help to maximize their profits. 


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