Update Kitchen Backsplash with Peel and Stick Backsplash Tiles

by Clever Mosaics Home decor peel and stick tiles
we're going to update the kitchen backsplash. the only thing we found that was somewhat cost efficient, not heavy. And it would flex was the fancy peel and stick backsplash tiles, it sales about 5 bucks at Clever Mosaics. I did the bathroom already, It looks pretty sharp.  we're gonna do the kitchen also. So make it easy good. That wasn't hooked up yet. it's one thing I did do yesterday was the car backside I've filled in the gap with some great cocking countertops. fill this in so that when I put the dials up all the tiles, his final step, ah, there's no little gap. There was a little gap there for that. I put some clear caulking in it, and you can still see how it's clear you're gonna see it. So I felt it in with some grey that's dry.
peel stick tile for RV
Now, let's put this stuff up. So here we go. With plan b we have to start on the right and work our way to the left. So fancy piece that I made I was planning on starting here. I'm gonna use over here. Just go right next to the window. But now to do this, I need to make a piece because you can see there's a flat edge on the bottom. And follows these little tiles on top. You can't run it like this.
peel stick tile for RV wall mosaic
You have to run like that for the first row. Anyway, gotta make another one. You have to cut these off to be able to start. And then where it says overlap, I'll be able to keep going with them for peace. it's just a scrap piece of wood. You can use a cutting board, whatever. That's not going to damage the surface. User level is a straight edge. Keep some pressure on the level brand new blade on the utility knife, the teeny bit more.

I got my start aside, but this against the wall, this is sure should work. Now before I get going, I'm gonna lay everything out. Get some more pieces, lime all the way across. I wanna see how I'm gonna finish at the end to make sure I don't have just a teeny squirt. I'd rather cut some more off of this. So I'm gonna do that real quick. All right, so I'd laid out all the way across just to make sure where I did end up. And it's uh, about half of the peace. So IT's gonna look okay. IT's not gonna be just tiny little pieces at the end.

So now that I know my layouts, good. Um, let's start sticking. Now. This is my second time working with this. I just in the bathroom. Everything has a purpose, not something I would use all the time. We recommend all the time. But see, I'm only dealing half. So now with this, because we have to watch the weight of what goes in the RV. Ah, it has to be flexible, because all the walls, all the walls move. Now you can see at the bottom. I can't see on there the bottom you can see a great quality that I did here to fill that gap.

I had not done the uh, the grey and left. Is that clear? You would see everything back there in the look. So good. Here we go. Start a piece. Very important to get it straight. Take a little bit more time, but if that one's not straight, the rest of it's not going to go on. Well, just keep rolling with it. Keep my surface should look good. All right. The line these up, It's a pain now I'm gonna finish sticking this one up.

And I'll show you on the next one. it doesn't just go to keep the lines straight, but these little pieces exactly where they need to go. Ah, it doesn't just happen. So I make sure only work with half does the bottom half. Now, this stuff just wants to stick. The last one. I just did. I peeled it off four times. I thought I had it right. And it just wasn't right. I don't want to do this again. That one was easy.

So I'm straight across the bottom. My gas is all even my overlap and all of them looks good. I can take the paper off the top. I work it out. Just stick everything. You're gonna have air bubbles in the back. It's coming out pretty good. Um, go fairly quick. You get this one up, show you the corner. All right, now all that done. I have to do my own piece here. Have to cut this, just the lineup. So I'm gonna line up.

I haven't called back off yet. I'm going to line it up where it should go. I'm using just a pencil. Maybe it's sharp p or something like that may work better, but it might leave a permanent mark. So my pencil, at least I can wipe it off. I marked it and get my board back over and cut it. We can put it up. Got this back on the lines. Stuff is IT's about eight bucks each. Here there's one, two, three, four, five, six pieces to do just this one.

Good deal that one side falls down. Now start in the corner. Can I use my original start? A piece over here? Now what I did, I cut look under here. Cut the backer so that when I peel it off, that's gonna stay on this little piece.

Same thing. I'm supposed to start from the right side and work my way to the left. I want to start in the corner, and I have a big window. Most of it's just gonna fill right here. Just my little piece on the bottom here at the, and I have to overlap from the other side. Let's get this going. Go kill it off sticky. are the release papers still here? Yeah, well, yes, it is what it is. A beta clock will make it what? It ain't right?

Use the knife, Follow the edge of the aluminum window frame. And I'm just gonna go really slow and put that out using, yeah, the window frame is my guide. This is what it looks like. Well, said and done. You can see. Yeah, reline right here. But um, trimmed all around the window. Fill in these little bitty pieces, decide to put my receptacle back in. this is it.

And what about two and a half? Three hours? There is my new backsplash.

Besides, you can use peel and stick backsplash tile for office decor:

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