Unlocking Mathematical Skills: The World of Maths Olympiad for Class 1

by Pranjal Singh Hi, Edtech Consultant Online learning Classes

Mathematics as a subject is often considered a tough and challenging one but can be transformed into a source of joy and accomplishment for learners of small age. One of the exciting ways to learn new concepts of mathematics is through Math Olympiads. These competitions are designed with the purpose of developing some critical problem-solving skills in children through interesting approaches. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating and loving world of the maths Olympiad for class 1 students.

What Are Math Olympiads?

Math Olympiads are basically international competitions that are designed to foster talent in students of young age. Moreover, to develop a love for math's in young students through interesting approaches. They generally come in different stages, which involve various levels, with some specifically catering to students of class 1 students. These math's Olympiads have a range of problems that require creative, efficient, and analytical skills. Hence, encouraging students to think beyond their bookish knowledge.

Why Should Class 1 Students Participate?

Participating in the maths Olympiad for class 1 that is in such a young age has a number of benefits, and given below, we are discussing some

● Providing an early exposure for facing challenges

The Olympiad is full of tricky as well as challenging questions, which will bring curiosity in the students while solving them.

● Require deep understanding of critical thinking

Math's is a subject that requires critical thinking and clear approaches to solve the questions, and therefore, the Olympiads are designed in this manner only so that students try questions in innovative and creative ways.

● Boosting their confidence

These Olympiads are designed only in a method when solved successfully, it boosts the children's confidence and also uplifts their self-esteem.

● Making fall in love with maths

This Olympiad helps students develop a deep interest as well as fall in love with math's as through this; they discover fun and creative ways of approaching math's as a subject.

How to Prepare for Class 1 Math Olympiads?

Given below are some points that class students must be aware of before participating in math Olympiads.

1. Practice

There is a saying that practice makes everything perfect, and it's the same case with math. Hence always try to Encourage your child to solve a variety of math problems and revise them.

2. Books and online resources

Try to provide some good books to your child as only school books are not enough for Olympiads. You can also go through online services like class1 math's Olympiad online classes to give your children the best learning at a young age only.

Sample Problems for Class 1 Math Olympiads:

Let's have a glimpse of what type of questions are asked at online math's Olympiads of class 1 students so that they can know its level.


Ankit has 5 books. He distributed 2 of them to his friends. How many books does Jack have now present with him?


If there are 4 black balloons and 3 blue balloons, how many balloons are there in total?


Class 1 Math's Olympiads is a platform where students at a young age can explore the exciting world of mathematics. These competitions are not about winning or losing, but they're about generating an interest in math's and learning problem-solving skills as that will benefit them also in their academics. Hence, encourage your child to take online learning classes for math's Olympiads and embark on this mathematical adventure and watch their potential flourish.

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