University Assignment Help Tips for College and University Freshmen in US

by Sophie Williams SEO executive

When you are new to any college or university, it is a very awkward feeling on the first day. It takes quite an amount of time to get accustomed to the rules and regulations. Added to it, when you get an assignment to complete, your are perplexed thinking what to do and how to score good marks to keep your teacher impressed. Now, this is when you get assignment university help services.

Assignment help services are common nowadays. There are thousands of service providers claiming to provide the best service in the industry. But choosing one from them is a difficult task as you have so many aspects to consider.

Before getting any online assignment help, consider the following points once as a fresher in college or university

It is not only a matter of choosing a good topic on which you can write abundantly while maintaining all rules and regulations to produce the best quality of assignment in your educational institute. It is also important that you must follow an array of other written dissertation etiquettes. It may seem to you dogmatic at the first look. However, they are the most beneficial accessory that you will find. They help you to have clarity in your work. Also, you can portray specifically what you want to say to you readers while maintaining all the academic standards. Summarising everything, to conclude, if you follow these rules you will keep the impression that you are also a part of the community.

If you do not follow the writing rules of the educational institutes, you might get lower grades or get suspended. It depends on your teacher and institute.

Few basic strategies are discussed here in a laymen’s term so that you can understand properly and easily.

  • Start building strategies. You should start to look for ways through which you can connect to your audience who are usually professors and course instructors.
  • Once you have outlined your subject in the heading, write a good introduction that will give a brief description of your idea and what you plan to discuss in the paper. Give a catchy title that is interesting enough to glue your reader to your assignment. In the sub-headings provide a summary of what you are going to discuss in the subsequent paragraph/s. This creates interest to read thoroughly.
  • Start strengthening your stock of words or vocabulary. A good writing consists of a considerable amount of usage of good meaningful words that will not only boost the writing; also it will reflect your standard of thought and education. It also reflects how much you belong to the high academic standards of the educational institute that you are studying in. Find synonyms to write alternate words with same meanings. But before you use it, see that it fits into the context of the sentence that you want to use.
  • While writing your paper, keep in mind the language that you use. It is better to keep the language precise, clear and neutral. Do not write in an over-enthusiastic tone even if you get a topic which you are excited to write about.
  • Be critical wherever you find a chance. Your professors are always enthusiastic to know your outlook on a topic. Here you get a chance to impress them. They see how critically a student dissected the topic and wrote his paper. Do not confuse critical writing with criticism. Critical writing means to question and provide arguments to the questions. It also shows your extent of research and knowledge.
  • Do your research well. So that it fuels your paper that in turn will make your professor feel more confident about you. Research-based writings come from compiling all the data that you accumulate from various sources. Since the data already has verification, it is easy to prove validity. Always remember that professors prefer information that comes from a valid source. They like to see that you have understood the topic completely. If you collect information from the Internet, make sure that the data is correct. Go through books as well that are in your library. You can also look for information in books outside your library. Find sources that will backup your knowledge and will provide a strong base that will support your arguments.
  • One important thing that you must provide in your paper is references and in-text citations. Provide a bibliography at the end of your paper. A bibliography is a thorough list of every source that you have used to write your paper. The list follows a standardised format of organising the authors by their last names following the alphabetical order. In-text citations are to be written within the lines that compose the body of your paper. These are short references that indicate where the information came from so that the reader can check it if needed. 
  • Citations cover everything from direct quotes to paraphrased texts. Provide author name, book name, publication year, edition, page num all that is necessary to support the prescribed format by your college or university. Provide necessary URLs to support evidence taken from the Internet. 
  • Plagiarism is the most important thing that you should keep in your mind before you start your writing. You have to maintain it throughout your assignment. The term means to copy someone's work and to pass it off as your own without giving credit to the person. It is considered a serious offence in all reputed colleges and universities. After you have completed your work, check and recheck your work for plagiarism. Check that every word that you have copied or rephrased or summarised is cited with proper information of the source.

These are the basic points to be remembered while writing any assignment. Being a freshman in college or university, all rules are not known. This article will provide a basic guide paving your way to writing your first assignment properly.

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