Understanding What Is Ethyl Alcohol –Its Definition, Effects, Usages, & Danger

by Andrew Winslow Herbal Extractions

You all must be aware of ethanol, and some of you might be familiar with this. Chances are there in which you need to consume it. But it must be done under control manner then only it is good for the health. But we all know the dark side too. Anything in excess amount is quite dangerous. This phrase also fits well with Ethyl Alcohol.

In this article, we are going to discuss- “What is Ethyl Alcohol”, and what are its benefits and usage of this product. Here we will also deal with the bad effects of this product and the hazards which are caused due to its excessive abuse. 

What is Ethyl Alcohol?

The term alcohol is generally used for those organic molecules with hydroxyl groups as the primary functional group. Ethanol or ethyl alcohol is clear volatile flammable liquids with excellent solvent characteristics and mix in all proportions with water.

It is the principal ingredient in most alcoholic beverages like wine, brandy, rum, whiskey. Etc.  

Ethyl Alcohol Uses

·   It’s used in alcoholic beverages, fragrances, medications, flavorings, and thermometers. The ethanol-based thermometer measures the temperature at a low-temperature area due to its low freezing point.

·         It’s used as an antiseptic in sterilizing the wounds and syringes in hospitals and dispensaries. 

·         Ethanol is an excellent fuel and is a very good solvent too. Due to its high solubility, its craze in the pharmaceutical and other industries increased. Many compounds which are insoluble in water are soluble in ethanol.

·         It’s a key ingredient in the production of other chemicals. 

·        It’s also used as fuel in many automobiles along with petrol. It’s also used as a source of energy in many spirit lamps. 

Medicinal uses of Ethyl Alcohol

  1. As pain relief- Earlier it was used as pain relief in the form of liquors. It was actively used at that time because of its intoxicating and numbing effect. It conjures the images of the war in which physicians used to give this to their patients before performing any surgery. 
  2. As an anti-depressant- initially, the doctors also used to prescribe this to their patients due to the effects produced by it on brains. A temporary high feeling is produced after having it, but there is an issue with having it; in a later stage, the feelings of euphoria disappear or do not last as much. Considering this lacuna, the doctors stop prescribing this to their depressant patients.
  3. As an antiseptic- due to its antiseptic properties, it is often found in antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizers. It kills various microorganisms and pathogens that why it is used as an alternative to soap. 
  4. As an antidote- it is used as an antidote to reverse or lessen the specific effects produced by the chemicals. Once the body absorbs the ethanol, then the reaction starts. This ethyl alcohol now competes with the other harmful substances present in the body and breaks them down inside the body.

In this way, this ethanol slows down the metabolism of other chemicals present in the bloodstream, which can later become toxic.  

Harmful effects of alcohol

Ethanol consumption also produces certain side effects such as- 

·         Irritation to the skin and eye

·         Stomach irritation, nausea, and vomiting

·         Dizziness, and feelings of euphoria

·         Loss of consciousness

·         Liver damage 

·         Depression 

Alcohol dependency

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