Understanding the Dental Implant Process

by Philipp Mark Best Dental Clinic
Dental implant is an art of replacing an artificial tooth with the broken or decayed tooth with the help of modern technology. In this process, the tooth is comfortably inserted in the bone to support a bridge, denture or a crown. If proper care is done, dental implants in Bellevue can last for a lifetime.  
Benefits of Dental Implant
Nowadays, dental implant has become very common. It can actually do wonders. Many people suffer from tooth problems like tooth decay, missed or broken teeth, etc. for which dental implant is the best solution. Let us look at its benefits in detail.

1. Prevents Loss of Bone: If the implant is not done in the earlier years, a gap is created. It makes the bone area lose its volume up to 25% and this continues for many years. 

2. Functions like Normal Teeth: The biggest significance of tooth implant is that it functions like normal teeth by restoring its chewing power. You can brush and eat normally as before without any problem. 
3. Lasts for Lifetime: As compared to the other treatments like dental bridge that may last for about 10 years or so; dental implant lasts for lifetime. The material used is titanium which is non-toxic and easily acceptable for all body types. 

4. Prevents Premature Aging and Sagging Of Face:  Your face starts sagging and looking premature when you suffer from the problems of missing or broken teeth. The changes may include unwanted wrinkles, more sharply pointed chin and thinning of the lips. Thus, it makes the person look more mature than his/ her real age.
5. Maintains Stability: Due to the gap created by the missing tooth, the adjacent teeth may tend to shift indirectly towards the space. On the other hand, dental implant helps in maintaining the stability of the tooth while biting or chewing something.  
6. Helps in Getting Rid of Gum Disease: If you have a tooth gap, it can lead to gum diseases because the gap works as a room for bacteria and food. Therefore, dental implant is essential. 

7. Easy and Affordable:  Moreover, dental implant is more affordable and easily accessible as compared to the other treatments like dental bridges or dentures. Therefore, kids’ dentist in Bellevue suggests dental implant. 

8. Improved Speech: Many times, with poor-fitting dentures, there is a problem in speaking, but with a dental implant, you can get rid of it.    

Why Do The Patients Require Dental Implant?
If you have a broken or a decayed tooth, you may need to get it replaced as soon as possible. However, dental implant is the best solution that stays for lifetime and is easily affordable. Dental implant is also required if the patient has a loose bridge, loose partials or dentures. 
Moreover, it is also the best solution for those who are sick of denture care with messy denture adhesives. It is difficult to take it out every time to clean it, thus dental implant is more convenient.

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