Understanding the Buyer Intent in Digital Channels

by William Smith I am marketing expert

The real-time strategy helps you to know the exact positioning of your advertisements with respect to the main keyword phrases, the most searched keywords and the keywords that bring in targeted traffic. It is a way of knowing where your ads are working so that you can make the necessary adjustments. The tracking enables you to measure your ROI (return on investment) and spot any mistakes made. With the tracking you can easily see which keywords or Ad Units are bringing you more traffic, thereby enabling the right Ad Units and placement for better results.

Using the web traffic and the online visitors, advertisers have a rough idea about their market reach. The statistics will also let them know which digital channels are helping them in converting the web traffic into actual sales. In general, it can be said that the most effective advertising strategies are using both organic search engine traffic and the digital channels. By employing both SEO and the digital channels, one can reach out to a much larger audience and convert them into buyers.

When online visitors to search for a particular product, they do so anonymously. The search engines do not identify the advertiser, hence this type of marketing is termed'Anonymous Website Visitors'. One reason why the online visitors are anonymous is because they search anonymously for whatever the searcher type in the search box. But the search engines make it clear that the person who is behind the website is the advertiser.

The digital channels provide you with the real-time data of the visitors to your website. You can access them through reports and dashboards. There is a common practice among the marketers of online businesses to keep track of the anonymous visitors by creation of three stacked bar charts. This may seem very easy but the three bars can hide some important information about the visitors to the site. Hence, it is advisable that you keep the data clean by creating a simple stacked bar chart.

The online visitors to search for something in the content. Online marketers should keep this fact in mind. If you create a content rich website, it will be easier for the online visitors to search for what they want. When there is no content or if it is very difficult to understand the content, then there will be a high chance that the online visitors will not spend their time on the website. If you create simple three stacked bar charts for the search engine visibility of the keywords then you can get a clear picture about the number of online visitors to your site.

There are various techniques that are used to track the anonymous visitors and the website traffic. One such technique is to add the 'term' code at the URL. If you add the keyword 'online visitors' in the term box then you will get a clear picture about how many people are searching for the given keyword.

The third technique is to analyse the digital channels of the website. This method helps you to know about the anonymous buyers. If you want to know about the anonymous buyers better, then you can use the techniques like geo-targeting, psychographic profiling, behavior targeting and behavioral mapping. These techniques help you to know about the digital channels of the website visitors.

When the online marketers are trying to understand the visitor's buying intent, they should always lift ai and engagement levels. The ad refers to the level of the visitors interest. If you want to understand whether a visitor is really interested in your product, then you need to know whether he is a real-time buyer or not.

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