Understanding Silent Letters in English Language 2019

by Koderey Techstack Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi
A quiet letter is basically a letter in a word that is composed, however not articulated, making things hard for non-local speakers 
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A few precedents: 'K' in Knife, 'W' in Write, or the 'G' in Gnaw. 

Things being what they are, for what reason do we at any point have these letters in the words by any stretch of the imagination? 

It has to do with the advancement of the English language and consolidated impacts from different dialects, particularly Latin and French. Be that as it may, these new words from different dialects caused issues since they didn't pursue a similar syntax leads as English. Along these lines, despite the fact that the spelling of these words continued as before, a few letters needed to wind up quite to fit in with the standards of the English language. 

Essentialness of Silent Letters 

- They help the peruser to recognize homophones in/motel, be/honey bee, to/as well/two, know/no, entire/opening, tie/not. 

- Magic 'e' – in the event that you include 'e' toward the finish of short vowel sound words it prolongs the sound – free/ride, cop/adapt, cap/loathe, tap/tape, at/ate, tangle/mate. 

- Sometimes individuals may articulate certain letters or they may not contingent upon their inflection, for instance, the 't' in 'frequently' can be articulated or need not be. 

- 'H' is quiet in a lot of accents. Be that as it may, the 'H' is quiet in certain words from French – hour, genuine, respect, beneficiary, herb (in American) 

- They demonstrate the birthplaces and history (derivation) of a word. 

A few Examples of Silent Letters being used: 

A – masterfully, coherently, musically, impractically, apathetically 

B – climb, brush, morsel, obligation, question, numb, plumb, unobtrusive, thumb, tomb, 

C – get, vindicate, villain, dictator, muscle, scissors, victual 

D – hanky, Wednesday 

E – when added as far as possible of a word, it changes the way to express the word, yet is in itself, quiet. 

F – halfpenny 

G – adjust, land, champagne, stomach, snap, bite, high, light, rule, however, 

H – choir, exhaust, apparition, beneficiary, hour, khaki, thyme 

I – business 


K – rogue, ply, ring, pants, blade, knight, thump, tie, know 

L – calf, quiet, chalk, society, half, hymn, salmon, talk, yolk 

M – mental helper 

N – pre-winter, smokestack, segment, denounce, damn, song, grave 

O – colonel – opossum 

P – corps, overthrow, pneumonia, pseudo, brain research, ptomaine, receipt 


R – margarine, finger, garden, here, myrrh 

S – path, pertinent, common, trash, fracas, island, isle, Viscount 

T – asthma, expressive dance, manor, gourmet, tune in, affinity, ricochet, mellow, thorn 

U – index, partner, discourse, surmise, visitor, direct, blame, guitar, tongue 


W – answer, sword, two, entire, wrist, writ, compose 

X – socially awkward act 


Z – free enterprise, rendezvous

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