Understanding Indica Strains Some Benefits of Their Consumption

by Ranny Watson Blogger
Naturally, marijuana is available in three species, including Indica, Sativa & Ruderalis. Among the three of them, only Sativa & indica are useful because they are rich in Tetrahydrocannabinol & cannabidiol cannabinoids. Also, both of these species grow abundantly all over the world as a weed. Sativa grow in the areas where summers are usually longer. On the other hand, short seasons and cold climate is suitable for the adequate growth of Indica. When it comes to the comparison between potency, Indica comes at the top position because it contains the highest amount of THC. You can easily identify an Indica plant from the following characteristics. 

1. You will find a maximum of 7 leaves in a cluster. 

2. The leaves are shorter & thicker than sativa. 

3. They have a short flowering period that ranges between 45-60 days. 

4. It is mostly used in hash (hashish) production because of the extreme resin production. 

Post consumption impacts

1. Indica is a sedative plant because of its higher THC level. It is advisable to consume Indica strain at home while going to bed. You can also smoke or vape Indica variant while enjoying music or movies alone. 

2. The sedative properties of Indica makes it an ideal mind relaxing agent. Many doctors prefer it for people suffering from depression.
3. If you are suffering from insomnia, Indica can help in overcoming the situation. It is way better than consuming highly addictive sleeping pills.

4. You will feel extreme muscle relaxation after consuming 5-10 puffs of Indica strain.
5. Patients suffering from acute pain due to cancer can consume Indica strains. It is advisable to use a vaporizer device for this purpose to avoid the adverse impacts of smoke on the lungs & immune system. 

6. Indica strain is, of course, the best thing you can consume to increase the appetite. It promotes hunger to an extreme level, even if your stomach is already full. 

Most popular Indica strains available in the market 

1. Northern Lights

This is the highly demanded indica strain of current times containing almost 33% of THC. It is a sedative strain that keeps you relaxed, sleepy & in euphoria.

2. Querkle 

With 35% of THC level, it is one of the strongest strains of Indica dominant plants. It is also a highly sedative variant which is recommended to consume at night. 

3. Purple wreck 

This Indica dominant strain contains 31% of THC for a high hit of intoxication. High creativity & euphoria are the most common impacts you will experience. 

4. Sin Valley OG

Sin valley may be an unknown strain for most of you, but it contains around 31% of THC portion. It uplifts happiness and keeps you socialized after getting high. 

5. Grand Hindu 

This crossbreed between Hindukush & Grandaddy Purple contains 30% THC cannabinoid. You can consume it for the best quality euphoria & uplifting creativity. 

I hope this information is enough to educate you with the significant properties of Indica strain. Almost all variants of Indica are highly sedative. Therefore, it is advisable to consume when you are alone at home. 

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