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Litigation attorneys, also known as litigators or trial advocates, are best known to characterize accusers and perpetrators in civil cases. They are supposed to manage all levels of the litigation from the evaluation, pleadings, and discovery through the pre-trial, trial, settlement, and appeal process.

Shops of litigation solicitors in London can differ based on the ecosystem of the argument, the knowhow of the attorney, and whether he is representing the plaintiff or offender.

Education and Support

A litigation lawyer must have finished his juris doctor degree from a law school credited by the corresponding Bar Association. This denotes to first earning a four-year degree apart from three extra years in law school. Attorneys must need to pass the bar test and be a part of the bar in the state in which they wish to practice.

It’s frequently helpful to be recognized to the bar in end-to-end states as well for an expansive potential client base and augmented job opportunities.

Primary Case Assessment and Investigation

Litigation solicitors in London in a plaintiff’s case often carry out a primary case investigation to check

if proper evidence exists to warrant submitting a lawsuit. In a defendant’s case, he’ll check what evidence is there to safeguard a potential or running suit against his client.

The investigation process may encompass locating witnesses, obtaining witness statements, gathering documents, asking the client, and checking the facts leading to the dispute.

Litigation attorneys often found to be involved in pre-litigation settlement discussions to try to resolve the matter before a lawsuit is actually filed.

Drafting Pleadings

An array of pleadings and motions must be submitted with the court on behalf of both the plaintiff or the defendant in a grievance.

Plaintiff attorneys will prepare and submit a summons and complaint to initiate the lawsuit, and defense attorneys usually draft answers and often counterclaims in reaction to that primary complaint.

Defense attorneys work in close association with their clients to investigate the allegations of the lawsuit in order to express these responses.

Litigation attorneys might also prepare a range of pretrial gestures, including gestures to strike or reject evidence or to alter the location of the trial. They might submit motions for judgments presented on the basis of the pleadings so no court arrival is necessary.

The Discovery Stage

The discovery stage of a lawsuit includes the exchange of all relevant information between the parties. Litigation attorneys use a variety of discovery devices to obtain this information.


These processes may include interrogatories, a chain of written queries that the other party to the lawsuit must handle—also in writing and under penalty of lying. It can include depositions which include oral questions typically presented by the other attorney in an office environment, again answered under oath.

Other general methods of discovery include requests for documents that are in the ownership of the other party as well as requests for admission—asking the other party to admit to or deny particular features of the case in writing and under oath.

Litigation solicitors in London also prepare and struggle discovery-related signs including motions to force the other side to react to discovery requirements if they haven’t done so within a particular time period.

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