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SM Instruments Inc. is a global leader in noise & vibration measurement instruments and remote monitoring business area.  Since its foundation in 2006, SM Instruments has independently developed innovative products, including Portable Sound Camera, Wind Turbine Condition Monitoring Systems, AI-based Sound & Vibration measurement Solutions, and high-performance ultra-light Ultrasonic Camera.


Now all of these innovative products of SM Instruments Inc. are widely used and making the great contribution to the growth of various industries such as electricity and electronics, gas, chemicals, and energy.    


And, most recently, SM Instruments Inc. has successfully launched another cutting-edge noise measurement instrument for high-speed train. It is the comprehensive railway environment monitoring system to collect and observe the noise, air quality, fine dust, and temperature in real-time with one piece of equipment.


SMInstruments' Ultrasonic camera BATCAM 2.0 to detect the leakage of compressed air 

The compressed air is easy to produce and has the advantage of not causing contamination or waste.Today, it is the fourth most used energy source in the industry after electricity, natural gas, and water. Even in everyday life it is used in various ways such as floating of air balloons, inflating of tires, and operating of automobile brakes.


Because the transportation of compressed air is also convenient through the inexpensive pipe networks, nowadays it is used in many areas such as chemistry, pharmaceuticals, automobiles, shipyards, food plants, electronics factories, medical facilities. And it is used in remote locations such as mines, construction sites, etc.


However, compressed air is not without loopholes.

Compressed air is vulnerable damaged and wasted due to poor maintenance and wear to cause the leakage. Leakage can be a significant waste of compressed air. For example, 20 to 30% of the energy of industrial compressed air systems is often wasted.


Leaks of compressed air can lead to increased costs, rework, outages, or quality problems and maintenance costs. Because of this, controlling leaks of compressed air is critical. Prevention of the leakage of compressed air assures the efficiency, reliability, and sustainability of the plant.


Traditional leak detection of compressed air processes is very uncomfortable and inefficient.

The primitive way was to hear the deflating sound of the compressed air leak directly. Or just put soap bubbles on the suspicious area and check it out.

Even using ordinary ultrasound detectors, they also needed direct access to leakage and required experts to take a long time to find air leaks. The inconvenience of having to climb the ladder and go around the narrow and dangerous site with the ultrasound detectors is also not a solution to prevent the leakage of compressed air.

Ultrasonic sound camera BATCAM 2.0 of SM Instruments Inc. is the answer to such chronic dangerous situation for detecting the leakage of compressed air at the industrial site. 


It is a device that can detect leakage of compressed air using ultrasonic frequencies even in noisy environments such as where machines are operating. With 112 Digital Micro Sensors, ultrasonic sound camera BATCAM 2.0 of SM Instruments Inc. can detect even very fine leaks that human ears cannot hear. It's even the smallest, lightest, high-performance product of all similar products in the world.


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