Ultimate CNC Laser Cutter’s Guide (2021)

by FORSUN CNC mechanic
When you are new to laser cutting, you may feel a little overwhelmed. what can you do? What material should you use? Which CNC Laser Cutter setting should you use for different materials?

What Is A Laser Cutter?

Laser cutting is mainly a heat treatment process, in which a focused laser beam is used to melt the material in a local area. Coaxial gas jets are used to discharge molten material and form slits. Continuous cutting is produced by moving the laser beam or workpiece under CNC control. Although usually used in industrial manufacturing applications, it has also begun to be used by schools, small businesses, and hobbyists.

By laser source: Fiber laser engraving machine and CO2 laser engraving machine.

According to different sizes: Mini laser engraving machine, small laser engraving machine, handheld laser engraving machine, portable laser engraving machine, desktop laser engraving machine, large-format laser engraving machine.

According to different applications: Metal laser cutting machine, laser fabric cutting machine, laser wood cutting machine, laser leather cutting machine, laser acrylic cutting machine, laser paper cutting machine, laser plastic cutting machine.

What Materials Can A Laser Cutter Cut?

Laser engraving and cutting machines can be used in industrial manufacturing, small businesses, small shops, home businesses, home shops, school education.

Fiber laser engraving machines are usually used to engrave and cut metal materials, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, alloy, aluminum, silver, gold, and iron.

Similarly, CO2 laser engraving and cutting machine is usually used to engrave and cut non-metallic materials, such as wood, fabric, acrylic, leather, foam, plastic, stone, paper, MDF, PVC.

Applied Materials of CNC Laser Cutter

  • Wood
    Wood is one of the most common laser-cutting materials. For beginners and even professionals, a laser cutter is usually used to cut wood, cut into small pieces to assemble, carve gifts and carve complex patterns on a piece of wood.
  • Plastic and acrylic
    When you use an acrylic laser cutting machine, you can create some truly amazing artwork. Plastic and acrylic materials are very suitable for making signs, jewelry, decorations, wall art, etc.
  • Leather
    After some practice with other laser cutting materials, you may want to try leather. This is an expensive material, but the results look amazing. You can create wallets, belts, wallets, jewelry (especially bracelets), and artworks. When using leather, make sure to secure it firmly to avoid deformation.
  • Cardboard
    Cardboard is one of the cheapest materials for laser cutting machines. This is also one of the easiest methods to use. Create everything from impressive business cards to mockups. Usually, you can choose between corrugated paper, gray paper, and cellulose paper. Gray and cellulose are the best choices for making and model making.
  • Textiles
    Laser-cutting textiles is a relatively new option. Using a laser cutting machine to cut fabric can be used as a form of digital embroidery. You can get similar results in less time. Although leather is obviously a type of textile, cotton, nylon, polyester, and silk can also be selected.

Laser Cutter Projects

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