Tyres on Different Road Surfaces

by Blackbrook Motors Car Service

Tyres come with different features and designs according to the goals of car drivers. During short or long trips, car drivers need to run under several road conditions. Tyre manufacturers are aware of this fact. Therefore, they make different tyres that are suitable for specific road surfaces.

In this blog, we will talk about the correlation between tyres’ performance and road conditions. After you have read this article, you will be able to buy the perfect Firestone TyresIpswich for your vehicle.

Thus, read and enhance your knowledge!

Tyres on Dry Roads

If you have seen racing tournaments, you know well about slick tyres that run at high speed with ultimate efficiency. They run on racing tracks with a larger contact patch and provide enhanced traction to hold the road efficiently.

These tyres are very effective for racing professionals, but regular drivers do not use these tyres since only a dry surface is not the only factor to determine the performance of regular passenger tyres.

Your tyres need to overcome the challenges like potholes, bumps, puddles of water and substances like sand and mud.

Most tyres for dry roads come with a suitable tread pattern to make the ride comfortable.

Summer tyres are ideal to run on dry roads, and they are perfectly able to perform on wet roads as well.

Tyres on Wet Roads

Water increases the rolling resistance of the tyre. Moreover, maintaining proper grip and traction is also not an easy matter in wet conditions. On the water, a car driver always runs a risk of hydroplaning. In this phenomenon, water creates a layer that eliminates the friction between the road surface and tyre. As a result, your vehicle skids on the road for a couple of moments.

Rain-friendly tyres come with tread blocks that keep water away from the tyre. Generally, a directional tread pattern is suitable for the tyres that are supposed to run on roads in the rainy season.

Snowy Roads

Driving on snow is never easy. Snow or icy surfaces are extremely slippery, like a layer of glass. Moreover, cold roads and decreased temperature also increase the problem of car drivers.

On snowy roads, ordinary tyres will struggle to maintain proper grip and traction. Therefore, a car driver may lose his control to cause a serious accident.

Therefore, experts recommend winter tyres for snowy road conditions. Winter tyres come with a suitable tread pattern that has sipes to acquire improved water dispersal ability. Moreover, the rubber material of winter tyres helps keep them flexible in freezing temperatures.

Tyres on Muddy Roads

Tyres do not always operate on smooth highways. Car drivers drive their vehicles in off-road conditions as well. Therefore, tyre makers construct off-road to help you when you are stuck in muddy terrain.

Mud tyres are available with a thick and deep tread construction and improved sidewalls to save the vehicle from the challenges of off-road conditions.

How Do Road Conditions Damage Your Tyres?

Your tyres face damage when they have to carry the load of the vehicle while they run on the roads. Therefore, tyres come with a certain loading capacity. If you overload your vehicle, tyres will be damaged because the tread part of the tyres will be under constant pressure.

Speed is also a factor to damage the tyres. High speed is usually responsible to generate heat and friction. Both these factors are highly damaging for your tyres. You can reduce the effects of heat and friction by slowing down your vehicle.

Bumps and potholes are also dangerous for your tyres especially if your tyres are excessively inflated. Moreover, you have to be aware of the objects like iron nails because of the risk of punctures.


As you see, your Tyres Ipswich has to run in both favourable and unfavourable road conditions. Therefore, you must keep your tyres well-maintained to ensure a long life for your tyres.

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