Tyres: A Thorough Analysis

by Hlr Tyres Car Care Centre
As one of the vital components of your car that directly come in contact with the road surface, tyres play a vital role as they affect your vehicle’s braking, acceleration, steering capacity and are responsible for absorbing the road bumps that they encounter. Well, if you are thinking that buying tyres is nothing but a cakewalk, especially if you are a new buyer then you must consider that making the right and the best choice while buying tyres depends upon several vital elements- size and structure, class of passenger vehicles, mode of functioning suiting different needs, weather conditions and terrain, tread pattern, etc for they will ultimately determine your safety on road.

Identifying a Framework

Well, the obvious answer when you are questioned: what are tyres made up of? constitutes- Rubber. However, the framework has a lot more to offer:


The sidewalls or the extra thick rubber stretching from the bead to the tread offers your Car Tyres Birmingham its lateral balance and rigidity expanding and compressing having absorbed road bumps on any terrain.


The tread or the area via which the rubber meets the road is responsible for providing both a cushioning grip and stability especially during cornering, and while resisting the abrasive forces withstands the heat generated from friction between the tyre and the road surface. 


The edge where the tread meets the higher part of the tyre sidewall plays an important role during cornering when the heat is generated from the contact created between the tyre and road surface.

Grooves and Sipes

The tread blocks are separated by deep grooves that enable the tyre to disperse water what may be called aquaplaning, snow and mud. Sipes or the smaller grooves are cuts made in the tread blocks which are responsible for offering extra grip thus extra stability.

Operability at Glance

Whether tube or tubeless, low-profile or run-flats, part worn, Summer, Winter or All-season, tyres perform the following vital functions as a greater part of their operability:

The Beast of Burden

One of the primary operations of a tyre is its capacity to support the overall weight of the vehicle in a normal as well as the deflated state. However, if the vehicle's weight is more than its loading capacity, there’s a possibility that you experience a tyre blowout. To avoid such havocs, follow the loading capacity mentioned on the sidewall.

Role as a Shock Absorber

Well, this is one of the most common experiences we all have faced while driving over rough terrain or even potholes. You’ve probably felt that you’ve just glided over something. Why? The answer is that given the flexibility of tyres, they flex up and down changing shape while driving over irregular road surfaces or encountering any irregular objects. However, operating with the suspension system of your car, tyres enable you to enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride, despite any road havocs.

You Must Tread it Carefully

The grooved-out layer that comes in contact with the road surface and is responsible for evacuating water when traversing a waterlogged surface, snow or mud from accumulating along with the tyre and enable sufficient grip and stability. Sufficient tread is responsible for your safety on road whilst resisting the wear and tear and withstanding high temperatures generated by friction.

Braking and Acceleration

Remember, choosing the correct tyres is necessary given your vehicle's braking and acceleration. On pressing the brakes, your tyres transfer the energy to the road which further determines its accelerating capacity. Notwithstanding, how high or ultra-high-performance your vehicle is, your acceleration and braking depend greatly on your tyres. 

With an optimised wet and dry braking capacity, Continental Tyres Birmingham features an excellent road grip and cornering capacity with shorter road braking distances in all weather conditions.

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