Types Of Tyres For Different Road Conditions

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With various styles of tyres obtainable in the market, finding the most suitable tyre can be sometimes bothersome and hard. There are different classes of tyres based upon various automobile segments( 4x4, sports cars) or road conditions plus weather (summer and winter). Buying and mounting the right car tyres Maidstone on your vehicle will enable an excellent driving experience by delivering optimal on-road performance and security while driving.

Various Class Of Tyres You Can Buy

Summer Tyres: Want the best performance, safety and comfort in the summer season when driving in temperatures above 7 degrees Celsius? Then summer tyres will be the best option for your vehicle. Unlike standard tyres, summer tyres do not get damaged due to the hot road conditions and last longer. Moreover, these tyres have a shallow tread that enables excellent resistance to aquaplaning and provides a safe drive in the rainy season. Fitting these tyres in the summer season will provide you with confidence and prevent unexpected tyre bursts or sudden air loss. Also, these tyres have a low rolling resistance that enables the most fuel-efficient drive and improved mileage throughout the hottest months of the year.

Winter Tyres: During the winter season, the roads can get covered with snow, ice or slush, which makes handling and driving a vehicle difficult. Moreover, braking on such roads with standard tyres can cause the car to skid and lead to accidents when driving. Luckily, winter tyres are designed to operate in such extreme winter conditions and are superior in terms of security and performance when compared with standard variants. Moreover, mounting the right winter tyres on an automobile can help reduce tyre damage because of the pliable material used for manufacturing them. When the temperature drops below 7 degrees Celsius, winter tyres will ensure your safety is not compromised as well as the overall performance.

All-Season Tyres : Generally, car owners buy different tyres for different seasons such as summer tyres for summer and winter tyres for winter. But, all-season tyres are a combination of the two and can be driven throughout the year in moderate weather conditions. These tyres are not meant for extreme cold or hot temperatures but provide reliable drive in average conditions. The all-adaptive rubber material used for making these tyres helps them offer dependable performance without threatening your safety. You can find a wide range of all-season tyres in the market that even come with additional features such as M+S marking, excellent wet-grip and more.

4x4 Tyres: As the name implies, 4x4 tyres are specially made for light trucks, SUVs and CUV owners looking to get superior performance, safety, comfort plus control over their cars while driving on flat roads or uneven terrain. Driving your 4x4 vehicle with standard tyres on rough terrain will reduce the overall performance along with on-road safety. Luckily, there are three types of 4x4 tyres you can get- H/T, M/T and A/T. The H/T and M/T are used for highways and off-roading, respectively, and the A/T or all-terrain is a mixture of the two that can be driven in moderate conditions. Moreover, the wide shoulder blocks and aggressive design of 4x4 allows them to last longer and deliver an impressive driving experience for the long run.

Performance Tyres: As the name indicates, these tyres deliver enhanced performance on roads in different kinds of weather conditions. Performance tyres are specially made for sports and luxury car owners who want race track performance on urban city roads. Their high-speed stability along with excellent handling and braking performance makes these tyres perfect for premium vehicles. Moreover, most high-end brands already install performance tyres on their sports cars. Therefore, when the tyres get old, the same type of tyres will be required to maintain the overall performance.

Run-flat Tyres: Punctured tyres while driving becomes troublesome for car owners who drive daily on roads. They either have to mount the spare tyre or visit the nearest facility. But driving with a flat tyre to the repair shop will damage structural integrity and result in permanent damage. Run-flat tyres or RFTs allow car owners to drive for 50 miles at speeds of up to 50 mph even if the tyre is punctured. This ability is due to the reinforced sidewalls that enable trustworthy handling and prevent the tyres from obtaining damage when driving with a puncture.

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