Types of solar energy systems in Florida


Solar power is gaining popularity across the world as energy prices continue to rise. When it comes to choosing a solar power system, consumers have a wide variety of choices. Some systems are straightforward and cheap, yet others are very complex and expensive. Knowing just what the solar system does will be crucial in your final decision.

Here's a brief run-through of three common solar energy systems in Florida.

A stand-alone solar system is a very complicated and expensive solar power system. The stand-alone system is for people looking to generate power self-sufficiently. These are huge and powerful systems that power everything from lights to heating and cooling. They operate as a standard solar system but are mainly used in very rural areas where there are no other means of electricity. People on farms or those far away from civilization are the main types of buyers for this solar power system.

Another ubiquitous and more popular solar power system is the portable solar system. This system is much smaller than the stand-alone system and is very popular amongst campers and RV users. They can be used to power lights and small appliances. Campers use them to power their outdoor lights and things like coffee makers and toasters.

For people looking to add solar power as an alternative rather than their primary energy source, grid tie-in systems should be used for these purposes. These solar power systems can significantly reduce utility bills. Gas prices and electricity prices can get pretty dreadful amid the winter and summer months. These grid tie-in systems will help alleviate some of the stress associated with the large gas and electricity bills. These systems will not be used to heat and cool the entire house but for smaller appliances like spatial heaters and household lights.

There are many choices and many varieties of solar panels for a home to choose from aside from the three common ones mentioned above. Selecting the wrong one may end up leading to higher costs in the installation that won't save you any money in the long run. Also, choosing one that is not powerful enough for your needs will hurt the pocketbook just as much. Newer high-tech systems are continuously added, so make sure you do your research when deciding on which solar power system to buy.

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