Types of Services Offered By Funeral Homes

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Funeral home is a place where no on visits with a happy face because these facilities generally deal in not a very good thing. Yes, they deal in post-death events and related to this, they have numerous services to offer. The fact is that based on your requirements, the expert funeral director from the chosen funeral home will take care of everything right from the beginning to the end. As far funeral services are concerned, they can arrange for different kinds of events and some types have been discussed below.

Traditional Funeral Services

  •          If you have chosen this package offered by the shortlisted funeral home, the services would mainly include viewing and visitation.
  •     In this regards, experts say that the funeral ceremony includes burial event as well and thus, in a majority of cases, the event venue is a graveside.
  •        This has always been one of the most commonly chosen package and not to mention, the most basic one as well as the most affordable one.
  •         In this event, the guests at the ceremony are allowed to view the body at the visitation event and they even get a chance to pay condolences to the bereaved family.
  •         In this type of ceremony, they body is also sent for embalming, but this can be avoided, if the family of the deceased in not interested in embalming.
  •         The funeral ceremony is held afterwards at the chosen funeral home and depending upon the requirement and budget, the event could be small or large.
  •          This type of ceremony generally includes speakers, prayers, eulogies, readings and music and is often accompanied by slideshows of photos.
  •         Once the funeral service is over, the body is accompanied to the burial site and this is led by the officiant or the selected funeral director.
  •         However, graveside services are typically shorter than traditional ceremonies and after the service, the body is lowered into the grave.

Memorial Service

  •         The next very common type of funeral homes services is given the name of memorial service and this service is often held in lieu of the traditional funeral services.
  •         This one is entirely different from traditional funeral services discussed above because of the fact that this service can be held even after the burial or cremation of the deceased.
  •         If the body was cremated, in that case, the ashes kept in the urn as used as a representative of the body.
  •         In this regards, experts say that many people choose to view a memorial as a celebration of the life of a loved one.

Direct Burial Or Cremation

  •         According to the experts, this is another very popular type of funeral services offered by high quality funeral homes.
  •         In this type, experts say that a direct burial happens when the deceased is buried very shortly after death, without a service.
  •         This is also a very affordable option, according to highly reputed funeral homes because a number of steps or processes are reduced from this.

The funeral home chosen by you will help you a lot by arranging several things like the Death Certificate and arranging other required permits and even a vehicle for the transportation for the body to the burial site.


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