Types of safety shoes!

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What are Safety Boots?
genuine leather safety shoes are shoes made with strong and protective support at the front making them last longer. The support is meant to support and protect your toes from any kind of harm including compression. The supportive reinforcement are mainly made of steel and are placed at the sole plate in the main sole to prevent punctures that may come from below.

Because of the supplementary steel provision at the front part of the shoes, the genuine leather safety shoes are also sometimes referred to as steel toe shoes for men. These shoes are considered as the highest form of defense measures in the risk bearing industries.

Why is Foot Protection Important?
Foot protection gains the highest prominence as it contains 26 bones and 38 joints that help us in moving, walking, and jogging. Apart from muscles and nerves, our feet also contain several blood vessels and ligaments. This is the reason why it hurts so badly when you stub your toe or some heavy objects fall on your feet. Feet injuries during an accident or stepping on any sharp objects also cause unbearable pain in your feet. Hence, protecting your feet with the best safety shoes is a must to avoid any kind of pain or injuries.

Benefits of wearing safety boots or steel toe shoes:
Foot injuries can be severely painful and also makes it difficult to perform your daily tasks such as walking, jogging or simply moving your feet. Wearing safety shoes/ steel toe shoes at your workplace, especially for people working in heavy industries like construction, mining, etc., provides protection in the following ways:

Protection from heavy falling objects: Falling of heavy objects or carrying heavy material are common scenarios in industries with dynamic work environments. Wearing steel toe shoes prevents compressing or crushing of your feet during such adverse conditions.

Protection from sharp objects: Shoes with heavy-duty soles can help offer the highest protection against sharp objects, which are commonly found at construction sites.

Protection from electrical shock: Electricity poses numerous risks at the workplace, especially for workers working in heavy electrical industries. Safety shoes for men made up of non-conductive materials like leather or rubber that are not good conductors of electricity are highly recommended for workers working in such industries.

Protection from accidental falls or slips: Work boots with additional protection sole can reduce the risk of accidental falls, trips, or slips. These work boots are also carefully designed to give you improve your balance while climbing or getting off the ladder.

Protection from fatigue: Workers on the construction site who are standing on their feet all along the day end up having sprains in the muscles, legs, or back, causing unbearable pain. To reduce the risk of pressurizing your feet muscles, work boots with comfortable cushioning and arch support are preferred.

Protection from the weather: Workers working in colder climates (wet or refrigerated environments) are often prone to various infections like hypothermia, Raynauds Syndrome, or frostbite, which needs immediate medical attention. So keeping the feet warm in winters is extremely important, hence choose work boots that are made up of appropriate materials.

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