Types of Nail Puller Tool

by Parker Tony Seo Analysics

One of the common and annoying problems that woodworkers, carpenters, and people on a DIY woodworking project such as home building face are bent nails or wrongly sunken nails deep into the wood. Misplaced or errant nails can spoil the woodwork by leaving nail marks and thus ruining the finishing of the wood. If the wood is hard, hammering the nails perfectly in the wood becomes even more difficult and results in higher cases of bents nails no matter how hard we try to prevent it. To undo the missteps, the tool god invented a nail puller tool.

A nail puller is a hand tool built specifically to pull the bent nails or nails that are sunken into the wood. This tool allows carpenters and woodworkers to remove the brad nails without damaging the wood and hence allows them to save their woodwork from getting spoiled. Nail puller comes in a variety of shapes and designs.

Types of a nail puller

Nail puller usually comes in two types, with and without a handle. However, as the technology is getting advanced, there are all-in-one multi-tools available that have nail puller as well. Here are the types of nail pullers:

Slide handle nail puller

Slide handle nail puller looks like many of the antique nail pullers that carpenters use. It is equipped with gripping jaws and a pivoting foot.

Small nail pullers

These types of pullers are typically smaller in size and are a variation of the standard nail puller tools and don’t have a sliding handle. A separate claw hammer is required to use these pullers. These are necessary after getting a fine nail art service.


Well, these are the most advanced and easy to use nail pullers so far. These multi-tools have a number of tools such as nail puller, pliers, scraper, pry tool, leveler, chisel, can opener, hammer, trowel, beehive tool, putty knife, and a box cutter. Most of the professionals use these as they are an all-in-one tool and can be switched to another tool within seconds, thus saving them from the hassles of keeping many tools.

In a nutshell

If you are a woodworker or carpenter or someone on a woodworking project, the chances are that you may be facing difficulty with removing bent or brad nails from the wood. If so, adding a suitable nail puller tool to your toolbox can help you undo your missteps and protect your woodwork from getting ruined.

If you are looking for any nail art puller or any kind of Balayage service, then you must browse online to get the best deal.

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